Using HICAP DR to supply power simultaneously to the NAC-200 and NAP-140


I am using 2 Naim systems :

  1. NAC-62/NAP-140 without HICAP
  2. NAC-202 + NAPSC + NAP-200 and HICAP DR

Can I use HICAP DR to supply power to both NAP-200 and NAP-140 at the same time. Of course I listen to the 2 systems alternately

If so, what cable is needed from HICAP DR to NAP-140 if indeed HICAP DR can supply power to both NAP-200 and NAP-140 at the same time?

thank you

Hicap power up preamps, one only at the time, not poweramps.
You will need to move it physically from one setup to another.

Why not stick to manuals cabling guide ?

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but my individually connection, HICAP DR giving power to NAP-200…ehmm
since NAC-202 powered by NAPSC

can you explain what’s the meaning of manual cabling guide?

The Hicap supplies power to preamps. The power amps are plugged into the mains and are self powered.

If you mean audio signal rather than power, you can connect two power amps to the Hicap. All you need is two Snaic 4 leads.

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Not allowed to put links here, you can search google for Naim Hicap owners manual.

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oh ok, I’ll search later… so I need 2 Hicaps on two separate system, do I?

Did you understand my post above?

so if we use 2 separate naim systems, we can only share audio signals from 1 premap to 2 power amps, yes, with each power amp still self powered

You can send signal from one Hicap to one, two or three power amps simultaneously. You cannot control them independently if you do this.

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oh I see, If I look the backpanel of Hicap DR, socket no.2 dan 3 from right is for single poweramp or monoblock by using socket 2 and 3, for aux socket, can I connect it to subwooder (active subwoofer) ?

Yes you can connect a sub to the Hicap. Make sure you have a special sub lead with appropriate resistance.

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