Using multiple music stores with Naim Uniti Star


  1. I have a Uniti Star and using an external HD to play local music. Is it possible to have 2 music stores. I know you cannot use a USB Hub, but if I want to transfer my music to a SSD, will the Star recognize the SSD once I copy the music from one to the other.

  2. Bonus question, I cannot have access to an SD card and the HD directly, I can only see one or the other as a music store. Any idea how to show both and access both?

I had similar (maybe) problem but still don’t really know the answer. How to use a library made by ripping cds on my previous star on my new nd5xs2? New streamer is not recognising my hdd library…

You can’t use it directly because Naim software for whatever reason doesn’t allow it. What you will have to do is to copy the music from the Star music store onto a new music store.



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I think the answer to the first is that this should be OK, but you may want to wait until a Star user comes along to confirm it.

In any case you can only have one active music store as a music store is where the Star stores its own rips. The other one becomes a music share, but I don’t know whether the Star allows for music shares to be defined.

The answer to the second I think is that you can’t do this, but I haven’t got a Star myself so I am working from memory, which might well be wrong!



Any more specific guidelines? Should I just copy all folders “as is” to a new drive?

To be honest, I don’t know. But you could give that a try. You wouldn’t have to copy them all to try it out.

This was discussed recently on the forum. You could maybe find that if you searched. Or someone else may come along who knows.



Thank you

I have. Star and I think you can only have one. The Ssd will have to be formatted by the Star to make it a music store first, then copy across.
Send an email to Naim and ask them.


You should already have at least one copy elsewhere, otherwise you have no backup. USB drives are very cheap - if you don’t have at least one copy of your music library, go and buy one now, copy your music to it, and you’ll have covered both bases.

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