Using NDX as transport, digital out

Sorry but none of the status screens I can see tell you anything about the digital out stream.

No it will tell you if the NDX has locked to input stream…
But as I say looks to be an issue with your down stream DAC if the NDX is locking to the input stream.
NDX is very stable and responsive, part of what you paying for with the NDX

Update… tried a new 75Ohm cable… fault still there so the DAC is now on it’s was back. I hope it IS faulty because if it’s not it’s a fifty quid testing fee :frowning:

That serves me right for buying ex-demo off ‘the bay’ :frowning: I’ll think twice about doing that again :frowning:

Assuming that you have not waited too long you may be able to return it.

No returns policy… hmmm… :frowning:

If it was ex-demo, that means it was from a dealer. Businesses are, by law, not allowed to sell online without the right to return.

It was more complicated than that. It was through a private individual who got it as ex-demo a few months ago but never used it and, tbh, it does look brand new… cables never used, remote never used, not a mark on it so I do believe him when he says he never had it out of the box. However that scuppers my warranty :frowning:

Progress report… sent the DAC back to the UK agent and they can’t find anything wrong with it :frowning:

They don’t have an NDX to test with though but other network bridge devices they DO have access to are working fine… bums… :frowning:

I admit that I was planning on changing the NDX but my plan was to do this next year; maybe see about doing this sooner rather than later.

Update… the DAC manufacturer borrowed an NDX2 and got the same effect!! However the support guy then discovered he could reproduce the effect with other brands of DAC by flexing one of the PCB’s in the DAC butr this ‘flexing’ only seems to upset NDX or NDX2… What?

Anyway the conclusion is a faulty PCB so a new PCB is on order.

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