Using pre-amp outputs to record onto a laptop

Just wanted to know if it’s viable to record using Audacity via a laptop 3.5mm input outputting from the back of the Nova.

Yes, while not ideal, this will work, although much will depend on just how good (or not) is the sound card within the laptop. Be very careful with the volume control as it could probably easily overload the A-D in the laptop. Better results (and at higher resolutions than 16 bit) can usually be had using a USB or Firewire A-D/D-A interface, but if it’d for non-critical purposes then the laptop’s own sound card will at least do the job.

Great ta!

I use a Roland digital recorder to record albums at 9624 connected to my pre-amp, avoids the issues of sound degradation caused be a laptop.

Which Roland recorder do you use?

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