Using Qobuz with Naim App vs Roon


I have a question about using Qobuz with Naim App.

I have a Qobuz Hi-Res account and have been using the Naim App for over a year now.
Out of interest, I just joined Roon last month and discovered that under Roon, I see there are alternative versions of the same Album for Qobuz, eg. 44.1/ 96/ 192 vs only 192 in my Naim App.

As I found that most of the remastered up scaled Hi-Res versions are actually worst than the original 44.1 /CD version, so I usually preferred listening to those than the “Hi-Res” ones.

But I cannot find those version in the Naim App. (But only can see/play those on Roon). Can anyone share if they have the same problem and how to resolve them?

This may be off-topic, but I will assume Naim App should sound better than using Roon? I myself can hear there is a difference but can’t tell if that is a better difference or worst. The idea here is to keep thing simple, so using the Naim App is preferred as I don’t need to use a Roon Core (Mac).

I just upgrade my streamer from NDS to ND555

Any idea are welcome.

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Can you save the albums to favourites using room. Then play the favourites using the Naim app.

Interesting points, it might be nice to be able to specify Qobuz ‘versions’ available.

Maybe @Stevesky could offer some advice.

You may get more useful replies if you rename the thread mentioning the word Roon.

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I vaguely recall that if you log into your Qobuz account on a PC or Mac, you can tell Qobuz what is the highest bit rate you want delivered to you.

Yes , it can be done that way.
But even if I don’t mind the extra steps, I can only do this while I have Roon.

I don’t intend to continue to use Roon after the testing period though….

A Roon “favourite” is only a favourite on Roon. You’d have to do it the other way around and set the favourite on Qobuz.


Use the Qobuz app to select music and add it as a favourite or add it to a playlist. Then you can find it in Roon, the Naim app or the Qobuz app in future.

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On a well mastered or remastered CD, sound engineers have done an outstanding job and depending upon the CDs studio master can be worse or better than the CD version. In my experience using mConnect HD for Qobuz and Naim app for ripped CDs on uniti Core, at least.

FYI. Hopefully naim will release support when launched.

For those who know their way around streaming platforms, could you let us know when we can expect Qobuz Connect? What other new implantations are on the cards?

Qobuz Connect is currently in development and we are expecting to launch it in the first half of 2023. This feature will allow users to play Qobuz right out of our app to whatever audio hardware they choose. Other improvements like a redesigned My Qobuz section are also on the way.

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