Using Roon to play NDS, Muso & Muso QB in sync- Not possible

I live in a big flat where Ihear the different devices as I move from room to room therefore if they are not in sync it sounds awfuls
I have tried everything possile including buying 3 Audiostore Mites with use Sonore Bridge to make each device a Squeezebox endpoint.

I am bitterely disappointed as I love Roon.

Here are my findings:

  1. Roon/ Audiostore Mite / Sonore bridge works really well with no loss of sound qaulity compared with the Naim app
  2. I can group all of the devices as they are all recognised as Squeezeboxes but they are out of sync
  3. Whatever I do, and even if I get the three devices in syn to start with they drift and it soon becomes unlistenable after maybe 5 tracks
  4. If I use airplay then they are all in sync but i loose SQ with the NDS so that is not viable
  5. The Naim app plays them in sync but it is horribly limited and ruins my experience that Roon is so good at delivering.

Any ideas? I am sooooo frustrated. Does anyone know if this woiuld be solved using the latest Naim streamers?

Yes, that would be the easy, but expensive, solution. You wouldn’t be relying on Airplay and/or the Sonore bridge for Roon, with the risk of different latency from the different implementations of Roon.

I’ve replied to your post on the Roon thread.

If you start playback on say the NDS through Roon you can then open the Naim app and multiroom to your Muso’s. The naim app and streamer will then behave just as if it’s receiving a UPNP stream (which it is!) and multi room it for you perfect;y synchronized.

I know it’s a 2 stage process but works well and considering we are using unsupported means to get Roon working on our NDS’s I think it’s a fair compromise.



Thanks Richard…I will give it a go…I am away at the moment but will try it on Monday. It has really driven me batty.

Thanks for the tip, Richard. Can you tell me if this works if you’re streaming to the NDS over RAAT?

You can’t stream to the NDS via RAAT, an NDS is not a Roon endpoint, you have to use a workaround like lms-to-upnp or the SOnore UPNP bridge.

Or use another device via digital in to the NDS.

Sorry. I knew that. I was thinking NDX2 for some reason. Wishful thinking.

Dear Richard,

Thank you so very much, this work exactly as you have said. No one else was able to provide this advice despite multiple response; thank you again.

Abdolutely brilliant.

I now have some Audiostore Mites to sell.

Which device were you / are you using for your Roon server ?

That’s good to hear. It’s not too bad a workaround as workarounds go.

Mini Mac

Its a doozy! Really pleased. I am very grateful, thank you

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