Using Spotify from Naim app

Dumb question alert!
I’ve decided to give Spotify a go through my NDX2 (gonna try Qobuz too, but waiting until I have enough free time to make the most of the free trial).

So, I fire up the Naim app, hit ‘Open Spotify’ to select something and go to choose my playback device. Both my NDX2 and Qb2 show as ‘Playback restricted’.

Start to play my selection and sound defaults to my device (iPad). Switch back to Naim app, hit ‘Spotify’ and select the ‘Resume playback’ option. Sound now comes out of hifi like I wanted.

It can’t be supposed to work this way, can it? What am I missing?

I’ve twiddled with video settings in the Spotify app but that hasn’t helped. Any suggestions anyone?

I don’t have Spotify and don’t know what’s wrong, but I would think the common way is to use Spotify Connect from the Spotify app. Though going through the Naim app should work as well, I suppose. The documentation at hopefully shows the expected behavior:

For some reason, I think the problem is that Spotify won’t let me select the NDX2 as a device. i probably need to figure that bit out

Spotify Connect tends to be a fairly robust app.
I use Android devices, but don’t imagine Apple are any less stable.

Perhaps to start, you could de- and re-install Spotify on your ipad?

If your on the free tier you cannot use Spotify Connect, you need to be a subscriber to use Connect. Sign up for a free trial and then it will work. If you have done this, make sure you have completley closed the app and restarted as I have had this happen before. If it doesnt recognise your on the subscription you cant use connect.

Also, on iOS you need to make sure, apps have the permission to access the local network.
Otherwise they cannot run their own network activity, like directly accessing a “connect” device.

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