Using Tidal App to stream music on NDX 2

Hi, I can’t seem to have the Tidal app “see” my NDX2 to stream music through my Hifi rather than the iphone (ios 13.3) that I am using. Rather I am limited to using the Naim app to listen to Tidal streaming which is not a very user friendly experience. Any insights would be appreciated please…

It supports both Chromecast and Airplay so it should show up in the access list within Tidal. Maybe a re-start if both NDX2, phone and router solves it?

Hi Tariq, is the Tidal app able to see other AirPlay or Chromecast client devices? They should be listed if you tap the nondescript little icon in the lower L corner of the Now Playing screen.
Assuming the AirPlay or Chromecast inputs are enabled for your streamer, it should be on the list.

I’m sorry, I have the NDX not NDX2!! While I control everything through the Spotify app, the Tidal app cant be used to activate my NDX…

Here’s a screenshot

The NDX doesn’t support AirPlay or Chromecast, so you’ll need a work around, or just use the Naim app.

The Tidal implementation in the Naim app is different to Spotify Connect, and cannot be controlled via the Tidal app, so I’m afraid you need to control it in the Naim app. on the original NDX.

The Naim app is much much better, in so many ways.

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I think the Naim app is awful in comparison to the native Spotify or Tidal app. But we are allowed to think different :slight_smile:

I gave no particular problem with the Naim app, but I agree that the Tidal app is a better UI if Tidal is your main/only source.

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