Using turntable with Uniti Nova - can't get any signal

I finally connected my TT to my Nova, and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get a signal. Everything is connected right - TT to phono stage to analogue inputs on the Nova - but I am not getting any sound when selecting the analogue inputs. Weirdly, I had a brief interlude when it suddenly started to work, but I am unable to recreate that. Any idea what may be going on and how I might diagnose the issue? Is there any sense in trying to reboot the Nova or delete and restore the Naim app? Thanks.

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Never tried a TT, worth a reboot, it’s quick

I will try that. Just plugged a CD player in instead, to make sure it isn’t the phono stage that’s the problem - still nothing from the Nova’s analogue inputs. How do you reboot? Suspect there’s an issue with the analogue inputs unless I am missing some trick here.

Just try unplugging the mains lead and turning on again.

Try turning the input off and on using the input settings in the app.

I suspect the analogue input you’re using is not enabled or the trim is turned down, check the input settings in the app

Rebooting solved the problem at least for now. I’m not sure why that worked (a bit worriesome) but it did. Thanks to all for the advice.

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