Using Unitiqute 2 With Rega Elicit-R

Hello, I have a unitiqute 2 with a Rega Elicit-R driving Sonus Faber Principia 7. I tried to use the Unitiqute 2 as a DAC Streamer plugged in an Aux Input from the REGA. I Find the sound quality better than using the Naim Preamp connected in direct input in the REGA. The problem is the remote of Naim and REGA both control the volume of each other. I understand to set the volume of the Naim at 84 and play with volume of the Rega. But when i turn down the volume with the rega (or naim) remote the Naim is going down too with is kinda annoying. Any Suggestions? What about getting a REGA DAC and using the Naim as a streamer connected with the Naim Optical Output to the REGA DAC? Will it fix the remote volume problem?


Seems that they both use the Philips RC codes. I’m not sure there is a fix. You can’t block the IR port on either one. If you could convert one of the units to RF control you’d be ok.

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On the original Uniti you could change the remote to work on a different channel. Not sure if this would work for your UQ2 but might be worth a try

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James’ suggestion will work but you need to press the keys as the Qute starts up - specifically when you see the Qute logo.

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