Using USB HDD with Uniti Star


I have a new Uniti Star, and I have a USB HDD loaded up with 2TB of ripped CDs as flac files. When I plug the HDD into the USB port on the Star, the Star doesn’t recognise that there is any external drive attached. What do I need to do to get the two speaking to each other? Thanks!

You need to have Server mode turned on for the Star to see the files. (Sorry, I don’t know how to guide you to where this option is.)

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You need to go into settings on the App and select manage music then configue music store then configure new music store, choosing the option to keep the music stored on the drive.
My advice before doing this is to either make a back up of the HDD or copy a selection of music to a USB stick and try it out/practice so you do not accidentally wipe your HDD and lose all your music.

Thanks - I’ve just tried that but when I get to into ‘manage music stores’ and then ‘configure music store’ the app says ‘no drives found’. I must be missing something somewhere but can’t figure out what!

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