Utiliti Atom - Purple Lines On Screen - Help!

Hi All!

My first post, so please be gentle…

Got my Atom yesterday. The look, sound, it’s blown me away.

It was great at first - however, following a couple of hours use, the screen has developed 3 thin, purple horizontal lines across the screen. Very noticeable.

I unplugged it and left it overnight, tried again this morning, and it’s all still there.

Any ideas? I had to return one before this one that was DOA!

Hope there’s an easy fix…

Looks like a return to sender. Up with that we should not put.

Yes it means it’s got a hardware fault I think. So take it back to the dealer for an exchange.



Seems to be a common issue this? Atoms been out a while now, why haven’t Naim cured the problem?

Thanks chaps…appreciated.

It is an odd one, but I can assume they’re not going to vanish with a reboot?

Given it’s only had a couple of hours’ use, it’s not a great start…especially as it’s a replacement unit for the first one which didn’t get going…

When I owned a Uniti Atom, the first one also had these lines on the screen… indeed the only solution is a replacement …

Strange that this still happens, but I have no clue how many Uniti’s are sold…

Almost certainly insulation breakdown inside the display. Needs to be returned. Unless a full reset fixes things, but unlikely

Been in touch with the dealer this afternoon, and they’re going to hand me over a third Atom.

The lines tonight have changed colour…purple, blue, and red now!

Clearly, there’s an issue. Thanks to all who’ve confirmed my suspicions. It’s going back…

New Atom here this afternoon. Really hoping for lucky number three on this one!

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Third time’s a charm, right? :wink:

Just wanted to add a (hopefully) happy ending to this story.

A month after my issues above, the third unit has been absolutely superb thus far.

Totally exceeded my streaming expectations (from previous experience), it is a true world-beater!

I just hope I haven’t tempted some kind of voodoo by posting this…!


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