Value vs price

Having worked in and around debt advisory in the personal & business sectors (as an embracing term), it’s not wise to make/form any judgements about anybody/a business without knowing their overall position. Everybody has different drivers in their lives, and from this apply different personal values to things. For some people, using debt is a very good way of generating wealth.

It would be very boring if we were all born from the same batch of eggs, with exactly the same life conditioning.


Apologies, I’ve not read the whole thread, so someone might have already said…

Get a home dem of the proposed new kit. Listen for a week, then put your current system back in place for a week. If you really miss something (assuming affordability already determined openly and honestly) then perhaps complete the purchase. If not send it back.

Also have a really open conversation with your other half, and see if she has other (better??) ideas for the £20k - holidays, car, keep it for a rainy day…

My experience too. The 252/SCDR/300DR just ended my need for more steps up the Naim ladder.

If I ever have the spare cash in future (possible, but there’d be competing uses for it), sure, I’d like to hear a 552, but I’m not bothered if I don’t.

But, hifi gear in itself isn’t a hobby for me - it’s a means to an end.


Purely i) for me. When I buy something that is it - the money has gone and no looking back. In this case it would mean my listening pleasure has increased. The spend is a necessity to obtain, not a thrill.

None of my friends are into HiFi and my system is kept in a cupboard so no bragging rights either.

Purely about the enjoyment of music!



Hi @Whaleblue , my Mrs is not keen on the purchase as she does not see the point. We also have money for holidays etc. so in my case it is very ‘affordable’.

Home listening will obviously be the main driver. No increase in musicality/enjoyment? No purchase!

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That’s the same Naim boxes I have in my system. Difference is that the CD player has been in its box since the arrival of the ND5 XS2. To my ears the streamer sounds at least as good as the CD player and often better so I see no point in having 2 digital sources especially when streaming is so much more convenient.

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2 things:
I know you came here, seems like a thing to do when bouncing off your ideas. One thing I have learned about hi-fi is buying based on other people’s opinions are generally the beginning of never ending upgrade. I currently own SN3 as well, I’m following subjects on upgrade path all the time but I know I can’t afford it, especially I’m a professional musician but not like the ones you see on world tour racking millions of pounds, ironically 90% of the musicians can’t afford good systems because we are at the bottom of the food chain, my point is, go with your heart, you can afford it, then go for it. Are you in a hurry? If not, why not take your time at auditioning? How would you feel if someone says he/she is underwhelmed by a £60,000 system, obviously you are going to question why they are underwhelmed, at the end of the day, their reasons really has nothing to do with the relationship with your favourite music. I went through 4 years of music conservatory trying to perfect the art of playing the violin, during my journey with hi-fi, one day I read a guy recommended hi res audiophile recording of a violin album of all the show pieces, but played by a 80 year old master, he was once a world class, but in this recording it was out of tune(imagine violin playing out of tune and put on audiophile recording), yes the recording is amazing quality, but what does really matter to you? Will better bass put you in permanent happiness? I prefer his older none audiophile recording when he was at his peak. We are often the happiest when we are in the zone, in the mood for listening(Music), when we put the equipment behind us. You already mention about diminishing return, so I think you are aware of the degree of improvement you are going to get, life is short, surely your better half would love to see you happy, this is not a head issue, it’s what your heart says. Good luck.


Very thoughtful :+1:

Stick with what you’ve got spend money on your lady


Of those choices … the last option would ALLOW for that final “step too far” (or even the “final final” step too far of a second PSU) … at some future point … without the aggravation and financial loss incurred by swapping units to upgrade.

So is the one to eliminate from the choice.


Not for for me … but maybe for you … no problem. If someone is in control of their finances, choice beats no choice in my book.

Your words were “a step too far”! Surely that is just that, taking to the point of obsession or excess… of course some people may do that, and be happy – but for them it is clearly not a step too far!

I was careful to use quotes around “step too far” … because we all know that today’s “step too far” can frequently end up sitting in our rack in future years. The OP has stated that he’s in control of his finances … a key factor here is CHOICE … if option 3 sounds the best and is also more flexible … it’s a win-win.

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To me there was a big difference between a step too far, and restricted today by budget or other practical limit! But certainly, leaving yourself with future options is beneficial – though of course there are alternative options to adding power supplies etc…

But indeed if option 3 sounds the best and is also more flexible (and presumably affordable) it is the only logical choice of the three!

Exactly. It is very important for me to know how far I will go. I do have the money to do a full 6 box 300 series but why should I for potentially minor improvements?

I did that with my purchases 5 years ago. NDX2/SN3 and never aspired to or listened to any PSUs.

It is important to set your limits and stay there.


But for me, I determined that I would not go there. nothing will change my mind. Where would it stop? A maxed out 500 series with the associated financial worries (in my case) and diminished returns for what?

Indeed. Believe it or not, I really do not care for the constant thought of sound improvement. I want to pick a system and then get on with enjoying the music. I stuck to this for the past 5 years but the launch of the 300 series (200 did not interest me) had me intrigued.

It could be possible to take a total step up without entering into the nightmare realms of esoteric gear which is what the 500 series is to me. No interest to me at all.


For me VFM equals satisfaction and enjoyment from your ‘spend’.
I’m not inclined to make wholesale changes even if funds are available, one step at a time or evolution rather than revolution(!)
You can maximise your VFM by getting a hit with each change (upgrade) along the way however large or small the spend is.
I’m guessing this is what most of us do naturally.