Valve amp for Uniti HE

Hi. I’m setting up a second system, to be based on a cabinet with a Sony 50in tv. I already have a Uniti HE. Speakers are likely to be Sonus Faber Lumina I.

I need recommendations for a power amp for the Uniti. I could either hide it away, so something like a Benchmark or Chord TToby. But I have this fanciful idea that I would like a small valve amp to sit out in the open alongside the HE (glowing away…). It would have to be quite narrow, so about 200mm or so.
Prima Luna 100 an option but 280mm wide. It has to look good as well as sound good.



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Yeah good question. Budget probably just commensurate with the other equipment. The result has to be better than a straight Uniti Atom though - there’s no point hobbling the HE with a cheap amp.
I have tried it with my Perreaux Prisma 350 (too big obviously) and it really sings.

I’d suggest the “Show us your Headphones” thread and look for something intriguing from the pics that also show valve headphone amps. There are loads.

I believe Decware make a few amps about that width. Decware are also very well made valve amps and have a lifetime warranty I believe. Also quite good value IMO.
And even more to the point, from what I’ve read and researched, they are excellent sounding amps as well. If I was looking for one for myself I would purchase a Decware.

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Ohhhh the OP is looking for a valve power amp for speakers, not headphones. I missed that.

In a slim forn factor, yes the Decware, or Quad (more readily serviceable and without Decware’s 12 month waiting list).

Luxman also do shoebox valve amps but they are sideways shoebox, not longways.

Given some of the amps that size are 10w or less, not sure about matching with the Sonus Faber though. Would have thought Zu or Omega would be a safer flea power bet.

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deleted… as talking about headphone amp instead of power amp :woozy_face:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: dam… so did I, never mind :rofl:

Yes, the WPC could be an issue with Decware’s narrow amps.

A restored Leak Stereo 20 might be interesting if you can find one.

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