VAM 1202 CD drive advice

A thought has occurred to me, and I’d like some advice, please. The drive of my Uniti 1 failed due to a cracked bottom plate, although the whole amp was recently serviced, including a new display unit, (so the repair would have been under warranty), and the laser’s fine, but I can’t play CDs now.
I wondered if it might be possible to remove the discs from the spindle, without incurring any damage, from a donor unit, and carefully insert it onto the drive spindle of my unit?
I expect the answer to be No, but I had to ask. It’s the audio equivalent of spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar. Otherwise it’ll have to be sold on. I’ve tried contacting Naim, but they seem to be snowed under.
I’d prefer someone with engineering knowledge to do the actual job, if poss?
I’m at Long Eaton, Derbys.

You should contact Naim and/or your Naim dealer.

Asking for ‘fixes’ on here, is outside the Forum rules… :thinking:

cc. @Richard.Dane

Ok, apologies.

Mine was replaced by dealer when it broke, so probably worth contacting your dealer first.

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