Van Damme LC OFC Speaker Cable

I’ve just bought a used set of VD LC OFC to use with my Nait 5 second system instead of Nac A5 and for once it was a choice not totally driven by cost but for domestic harmony. Any opinions on this choice are welcome.
I’m skating on thin ice a little bit with this second system which has stretched from a small TPA3116 chip amp (which is a fantastic little amp) and very small footprint JBL Control 1 speakers with a DAP as a source to a Rega TT, Nait 5 and Dynaudio Audience 52’s so Ugly unbendable Nac A5 and speaker stands are out of the question.

Both the Rega and the Dyns will be sitting on a media centre thing as will the Nait so I’m going to get some Isoacoustic mini pucks for the speakers and possibly another set of eight to go beneath two isolation platforms for the Rega and the Nait.

The system is for use whilst we are on holiday so more for fun then any critical listening sessions and also because of the above mentioned domestic harmony so any better suggestions for an equal layout (the mini pucks are about £90 per pack of 8) are very welcome.

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