Vanishing Muso QB

We have a first generation Muso QB that keeps vanishing from “Rooms”. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s nowhere to be seen… By contrast our SuperUniti and Qute appear every time. The latter two are connected by wires, the Muso by WiFi.

I’ve updated the Muso’s firmware and reinstalled it as a “new” room which fixed the problem for a while but now it’s back.

After the great advice that fixed the muting problem on my SuperUniti, I’m hoping the forum can help!

The answer is in your third sentence: wire the Qb and the problem will almost certainly be solved. Basically its wifi is not that great and its location is very likely in a spot where the signal is just that bit too weak for a solid connection.

I have a Muso Qb V1 and a Muso gen 2 along with a core. I have a BT Mesh network at home and use Apple Phone and IPad to control.

I have found that when app/OS updates are applied to the apple devices The Naim app regularly fails to find devices. The way around this seems to be to close all apps on the apple device and reboot it once updates have been applied. This seems to work almost every time. When it does not I reboot the BT Hub and then reboot all (Naim and Apple) devices.

I am not sure that this is unique to the Naim app, just a reflection of how complicated it is to write software for multiple network environments, and the need for any IT device to be switched off and on again every so often!

The other slightly annoying thing with my Muso Qb V1 is that no matter how many times I change the device name it always reverts to the factory setting name after a while.

Hi @andrewb, this article may be relevant to you.



Thank you. I have spent a long time playing with the settings on my BT router! I may wait until BT release an update. :slight_smile:

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OP here. My WiFi is TalkTalk, not BT.

Wiring would not be straightforward and the unit is, in any case, not that far from the router as the crow flies. Given the Muso is much more “mass market” than other Naim streamers, it seems suprising that its WiFi is poor…

How far is 'not that far?
Walls reduce wifi strength too.

Mu Muso works on wifi a few meters away from the box.

Currently enjoying my Qb 1st Gen wirelessly streaming 24bit files from my NAS drive (which, like our router, is downstairs). No issues with discovery, either. But then I don’t use the supplied BT Smarthub.

The Mu-so 2nd Generation family - including Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation - do have even better wi-fi connectivity; it’s something Naim acknowledged did need updating from the original 2015 design.

Could you not try a RJ45 network wireless bridge?
They can be powered via USB.

Something funny must be going on with your network. We never have problems with the app finding the Naim boxes - and NDX2, a Qb2 and two Qb1s and the set names never revert.

Thanks all. Router and NAS are in the room below where the QB sits. I don’t think there’s a signal strength problem as the connection is binary (QB works perfectly or can’t be found at all).

But you won’t know until you try.

I do find some of this discussion quite frustrating. This is supposed to be a simple, mass-market product. It’s sold in John Lewis, for heaven’s sake…

I accept (but only just) that the true hifi streamers are on the complex side - it’s a trade-off for pretty stunning SQ. But for the Muso “there’s something wrong with your network” isn’t really good enough and NONE of my other tech has this level of unreliability

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You can tap in the search part here “ not finding rooms “. They are several threads on that.
It probably means something.

I can relate both to HH and MB: Wiring my QB1 solved any (occasional) vanishing and I have never looked back. Well, until now. To MB"s point, yes, for a mass 800EUR product (in 2018) you should expect a more stable inbuilt wifi component - despite the myriad of router specs out there. My QB has always been located just 40cm away from the (ZTE) wifi router, and still it sometimes vanished.

If your QB mk1 can’t be seen on the app. it indicates there is no connection between phone/tablet and the QB mk1 (via the router). It doesn’t indicate there is no connection between the router and QB mk1.

When the QB mk1 isn’t visible on the app. are you still able to stream radio the using on-unit controls.

Hi, I seem to remember I had this problem and from memory it was Apple Home causing the problem. When I deleted the Muso from this app I was then able to change the Muso name without it reverting back.
Not sure if this helps, just a passing thought.

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Hi Clare,

Out of interest what router are you using?

Im unsure if this conflicts with forum rules, apologies in advance if so.

Netgear RAX200