Variability in sound quality

I think your reference of appreciating a recording being a personal experience and a journey is a good one.

One thing that is regularly mentioned by people on the forums, is that new firmware for their systems needs to settle in for a few days before the sound becomes stable. I do feel that it’s mostly the apprehension and extra attention to perceived changes that needs to settle, rather than the system itself.


Yeah I have not understood that…possibly its getting used to sonic landscape…

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I gather a Vitamin B Flat pill is the key to listening to some music.



I do agree with this… though I do accept when you powercycle or restart a streamer some of them do take a little time to settle down to provide the performance we are used to. Certainly in my experience.

A firmware change requires a restart.

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Do people really approach music listening needing to be impressed?

Regarding hearing unfamiliar music, to me it is nice to discover a good artist or piece of music, that I enjoy that was previously unfamiliar to me, but I don’t regard it as particularly important to do so as I already have a collection that provides huge amounts of stimulation and listening pleasure - rather it is a nice bonus when it happens. But I avoid listening to the genres I really don’t like, such as jazz, pop, soul, etc., because the unpleasantness of wading through so much I don’t like in the hope of stumbling across the odd exception would turn me off listening.

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Some years ago I used to record everything before I went away to sea in RN. I noticed that recordings made late at night or very early in the morning were of better quality.

I assume this was due to less ambient noise, less vibrations and reduced interference on the mains supply.

Yes, my system always sounds better after midnight, and really good at 3am!


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