Variable output on ND5 XS 2…

Silly question, I do not see anywhere in my settings where to enable variable output, either via DIN or RCA. I see where to select which output I want to use, but no variable output.

I know I saw it initially I think when I set the unit up, but do not want to go through a reset process if I do not have to. Just wanted to set this up for a test with my Croft Micro pre and Series 7 amp, and use variable on the streamer for convenience sake. Thanks for your help!

In the main menu, look for Volume Mode. It’s not in Output Settings just to confuse you. :grinning: (At least it is there on my 555.)

Correct, it’s in the main Settings menu just above Output Settings. Remember that if you have the digital output enabled the volume settings disapprear from the menu as they would not apply in this mode.

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I do not see a volume setting there at all, and no, my digital out is not checked. I see no volume mode at all anywhere, other than the volume bar setting itself in “other settings”. Strange…

Are you using system automation? If so, the variable volume function is disabled.

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HH, that makes sense, will look into that, as I am using that mode with my Nait XS 3….It really would be nice if this gear actually came with a “real” instruction manual versus the basic quick start and watered down multi equipment guides. Kind of sad especially for equipment of this quality and pricing. Nice to have the forum of course for these moments!

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That did it HH, thanks very much, and thank you all for your replies, much appreciated! :grinning:

That’s good. The only thing to point out is that the variable volume mode is really only there in order to get third party certification and does not provide best quality. It’s certainly no substitute for a proper volume control if you plan to use the ND with the Croft long term.

Yes, this is only for some testing purposes. This will just make it easier to set the Croft preamps twin volume controls at some set level and use the variable in the Naim for fine tuning. Thanks again!

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