Various issues with NDX 2

I purchased my NDX 2 together with a Unity Core last February in Switzerland where I live.
Since then I have had quite a lot of issues with both of them.

  1. So far the screen on the NDX 2 has been freezing for some four times. In play mode it gets stuck on different albums I played. After disconnecting the power cable and waiting for some 30 seconds the streamer works well again.

  2. I’m experiencing a short, hard click from my speakers when selecting a track via Spotify, internet radio or some tracks on the UnityCore. I get this when I am skipping through tracks via the NAIM app or via Spotify. I am WiFi- connected via an iPad to the NDX 2, the click isn’t very loud but certainly noticable and very annoying. The set up is NDX 2 into Unity Core and a Revox integrated amplifier which has to be replaced by a Supernait 3 for Christmas.

  3. Two months ago the Core didn’t play any music from the 1TB SSD, mounted in the caddy tray. The Naim app showed the total content of the SSD (some 1008 CD’s with 634GB) but the NDX 2/ Core combo didn’t want to play it. After a weekend of trying /removing SSD’s and replacing it by the previously used 500GB SSD which didn’t function as well, so finally a total factory resetting on both devices was carried out. Since then it works stable.

  4. Since today the NDX 2 plays music supplied by the Core or Spotify via Bluetooth but Internet radio went completely out of service. The favourites are shown, but none of them can be played. Even after two resets with disconnecting the power cable the situation stays the same. Very annoying. Maybe some of you can try to solve the problem?

All in all the NDX 2/ Core have caused some 14 (different) issues as described above in just 9 months which is way too much in this price class. When adding the Supernait 3 in combination with a Lab12 Gordian net conditioner and Focal Sopra 2 the money spent on the whole system would easily get you a new car and you don’t want to have that number of breakdowns during the same time either.

The latest software update didn’t solve another problem as well. “Foreign” recordings which have been downloaded to the integrated SSD can’t be removed via the Naim App even if the new update should have made that possible. It doesn’t.

Greetings from Switzerland.


I too have been having smiles issues with NDX2. Screenfreeze has been reported by others, and there is a separate thread on this. App Apparently, provided you are running the latest firmware, the fix is a full reset of the NDX2, details of which are in the thread.

Today I have just noticed that I have the same problem as you re: radio presets. They are all visible on the NDX2 but none of them play. A real pain and not what you expect for £5k.

I haven’t yet done a full reset though, hopefully this will cure both issues.

Good luck, Paul

Curious if @Simon-in-Suffolk, @Mike_S, @seakayaker, @JosquinDesPrez, @bongoman…share these problems

There is currently an issue with vtuner servers which provide the internet radio service to Naim, it’s been down all evening so not an issue with your NDX2, see other thread ‘Vtuner down’ for more info

The main issue I have with the NDX2 is that system automation doesn’t always work. The volume control on the Zigbee works, but if I have the input set to phono and I then play Roon it doesn’t always switch the input automatically. If I power off and back on from the Zigbee then the input switching works again.

I have never noticed a screen freeze, but I usually have mine set to keep the screen off anyway.

I haven’t used the vTuner feature yet.

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I had a screen freeze earlier this evening when using vtuner. On waking up from standby, the screen froze and wouldn’t accept any input from the app. A power cycle fixed it.

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No issue with my NDX2… but I do have beta firmware… there were glitches in some of the earlier firmwares… but occasional screen freezing was fixed some time back I seem to remember…
I guess it is always worthwhile checking one is using the latest firmware… and there is a new version not so far away.

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I haven’t had any major issues with my NDX2 or Uniti Core. There were a couple of screen freezes, which haven’t occurred with the latest firmware. I’m running over ethernet. An occasional power off and restart of the NDX2 or modem usually fixes any streaming glitches.

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WiFi is not stable very often. The reason that 90% of people use Ethernet for more stable and solid results.

Anyone have issues with their NDX2 remote? I find the navigation arrows very stiff and indefinite and you really need to stab them with your finger to get a response. The similar remote on my Nova was fine in this regard.

Both my NDX2 and Nova remotes have been fine, though need a firm press.

My directional pad do not have any press travel at all. My dealer said this is a common issues. But it seems Uniti do not have such issues. Other button has travel, but directional do not have. Very poor experience as the feedback is all lost.

Yes, mine is pretty bad, especially the four ‘direction’ arrows, which need a very firm press. I should probably take it back to my dealer, but I use it so infrequently that I haven’t bothered yet. The buttons on my Atom remote are fine.

Ok so I’m not alone! It’s pretty crap for a 5k product, presumably they’re probably outsourced by Naim, I’ll talk to my dealer and see can I get a replacement

Yes, I too can confirm that I have had very similar problems to most who have responded to this post, screen freezing - playing a track the unit fails to respond, have to reset the unit. Clicking again very annoying, radio not working - had this last night and I was getting very frustrated with my system, seems to be okay now so it does appear to have been an issue with vradio but there was no notification of this. I have to say that the NDX 2 does seem to be a bit temperamental, software I suspect and I’m not sure the Wi-Fi capability of the unit is very good. As said for a £5k unit it is not brilliant. I too have a Supernait 3, XPS DR, HiCap DR and Focal Sopra speakers, so quite an expensive system to have to mess about with it. And it is less than a month old !!!

I have had my NDX2 for over a year now and I have only had occasional issues with screen freezes and vtuner stations not working. Even so, this has in no way detracted from my enjoyment of using the NDX2. It’s a fine streamer and IMO represents a sweet spot in the Naim streamer line-up.

If you’re having continuing issues then speak to your dealer or contact Naim support. They well do their best to resolve any issues.


I’ve had my NDX2 for about 10 months.

My system is on the following versions :
System Version : 3.3.14306
Build Version : 5091
OS Version :
DSP Version : 2.170
Remote host version 1.1
Remote firmware version : 1.2.4

I don’t get this error, and haven’t had it. Neither playing through chromecast, airplay, spotify nor roon. I have situations where it would get confused by rapidly switching through those inputs whilst something was playing (for example whilst Roon was playing and then switching immediately to a playing Spotify track.)

I don’t get this issue on my NDX 2.

I don’t have a core, so, can’t comment on that specifically. I have found great sucess with the following setup however:

My local library is on a WD 8TB drive, connected via an Audioquest Jitterbug to an Apple USB A to USB C converter into a dedicated Apple MacBook Pro (2017 15" with 16GB RAM, Quad Core i7 running macOS Catalina - v10.15.1)
The MacBook Pro runs ROON 1.7 as the music server (and is also integrating my Qobuz studio subscription into my virtual library - I have 2.6TB of Music on the drive (4,518 albums).
The Macbook Pro is WIFI connected to a Google Mesh access point in the same room, which is relayed to a further Google Mesh access point to which the NDX 2 is connected via WIFI.

Through this means I am able to reliably stream up to DSD128 from the MacBook Pro to the NDX2 with no connectivity issues whatsever.

I haven’t had that problem. I’ve been able to add my own favorites to vTuner and for them to play fine and not drop out.

All in all, I’ve found the NDX2 to be very family friendly, not at all temperamental and very reliable.

Also, I use system automation with my NAC252 and prior to that on my NAC282 and haven’t had any issues with the remote nor it’s control of the volume or inputs. That said, I only have the NDX2 as a preamp physical input and thus any source I tend to switch happens on the NDX2 side, not the pre-amp.

Re. the radio, Steve Harris confirmed first thing this morning on here that the Vtuner main server had gone down and they had moved as quickly as they could to the back up server, so any loss of service should have been minimised.

If you running the latest firmware but are still experiencing screen freeze please get in touch with Naim support giving them as much detail as possible. Thanks.

@PBenny and Simon-in-Suffolk:

I’m running the latest firmware and a full factory reset was made to solve the SSD- issue on the Core. But the freezing wasn’t solved after the firmware update.


If there is an issue with vtuner, the NDX 2 can’t be blamed so that would improve my current view on this device.


The only Wifi component working with my NDX 2/ Core is the Ipad which works as a remote control. The NDX 2 and Core are both connected to my LAN-system. Every room has it’s own LAN sockets so it should run stable this way.
However, music broadcasted via Spotify on the IPad and sent to the NDX 2 via Bluetooth works pretty well.
Yes, I could use Spotify or Tidal on the NDX 2 directly, but with my collection of CD’s and available Radio stations, there is no real need for it so the free version is sufficient (well, one add per 30 minutes is okay).


When no issues occur, I’m quite happy with this combination and if the software hick-ups are ironed out by some soft/ firmware updates, it could only get better. My dealer showed my an NDX 2 in combination with a Supernait 3 and it sounded very well. Interesting fact is, that the DIN cable included with the NDX 2 was connected to the CD socket of the SN 3 while a high quality Cinch cable was entering the streaming sockets of the SN3. The difference was really big in favour of the Cinch cable. Usually cable ware issued together with a Hifi component is not of the highest standard, but honestly I was expecting more from the DIN cable which Naim likes so much.


Another will certainly comment, however I don’t know what is the cinch cable you are referring. There is normally din or rca, or I miss something.