Mrs 1906 and myself are of to Paris in September for 3 days.
We have decided to drop across to Versailles to see the Palace and Gardens. We plan on taking the RER C from Musee D’Orsay to Rive Gauche.
Would anyone be able to advise me how long this journey takes as im reading conflicting facts on the tinterweb.
Also, suggestions re a nice lunch venue not too near the Palace but walking distance would be appreciated.
Finally, any advice generally about this proposed trip.
Many thanks.

These are this morning’s departures.

HH, yes, I have looked the trip up on this site. However there are other sources that state the trip is up to 90 mins.
I was hoping for a reply from someone who has actually done it to provide some first hand guidance.
Grateful nevertheless.

I’ve done the trip - long time ago mind, when I worked in Paris a great deal. Line C wasn’t the most frequent of services iirc. It splits across the length(s) of the line. Check timetables carefully, I would allow an hour from station to arriving at the Chateau; check carefully, likely closed Monday and busy Tuesday. If it was me, I would either travel early and get back into the city for late lunch (better choice and easier to avoid tourist places), or have brunch and then spend all afternoon, returning early evening.
Anywhere in and around Paris restaurant wise, there are tourist joints and good restaurants, it’s a case of avoiding those nearest the hot spots. Not much help on that score, I’m afraid, bear in mind there are (or used to be) 14-15,000 restaurants, so it is an ever changing scene. I recently checked for friends and only one of three I was going to recommend in the city is still open. Two of my favourites have long gone, recommendations in my view for Paris need to be bang up to date, ymmv.
Perhaps you are staying near Musée d’Orsay, in which case, lots of choices depending on your preferences, on the left bank around Boulevard St. Michel.

I think looking at the times HH has posted, some of the connections will be Metro first with a change likely onto RER C - the latter is a surburban route, so through trains more likely at peak periods.
I seem to think there is a forum member who lives near Versailles, apologies I don’t remember, perhaps @Richard.Dane will recall?

One aspect of visiting Paris which many don’t utilise, is the bus. Stops are very frequent and frequency used to be high. A bus map is invaluable - the 73 runs from Musée D’Orsay along Avenue des Champs-Élysées to La Défense - watch the traffic round L’Etoile (Arc de Triomphe) from the bus - priorities are different to uk and its mind bogling, the buses stay at the edge. I have a couple of thoughts for restaurants in central Paris, if you care to outline a preference.

Many thanks, some helpful points there.

It was restaurants or cafes in Versailles I was seeking recommendations for, not Paris itself.

I think to be safe I will allow a full hour to get to RG. My research sites the RER C line goes direct and terminates at RG, via several stops.

Thankyou agsin for your comprehensive post.

@frenchrooster is our forumite needed

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Just a quick heads-up: last I checked, train tickets in and around Paris still function on the ‘stamp/validate it in a machine when you get onto the train’ but, perhaps predictably, this isn’t always made clear.

About five years ago, I came within a gnat’s crotchet of getting a EUR200 fine for not having stamped the family’s tickets, despite them being perfectly correct and valid otherwise. Against all my expectations, the Parisian ticket inspector was prepared to let me off with a warning. I would be surprised if this happens often.


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Indeed, FR lives in Versailles!

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I was there about a month ago - firstly you can’t just turn up and expect to get in - you need to book online in advance and select a time. You can go round the gardens without booking. Of course you may already know this, but worth mentioning.

As to food, leave the palace and walk to the left across the coach parking area and you’re on the edge of the old town. Head for Eglise Norte Dame and turn right. You’ll find loads of eateries. Alternatively, from the Palace head straight down into the new town where there are several areas of restaurants. Google maps are your friend, as is,it seems, FR.

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Thankyou, we have booked a time slot and guided tour, as I know little about this part of history and i want to get the most out of it.
Grateful for the steer on restaurant ideas.

RER C does in theory go direct in peak times - I am just not sure about off-peak. If you are on a timed ticket, from Musée d’Orsay RER I would suggest allow more like 90 minutes, but best to know the train time, on RER it is less a turn and go type timetabling.
RATP is the transport org for Paris and its website directs timetables enquiries to english is available.
I just checked it and I think it will be an indirect service, hence my comment above. Without knowing your date of travel, anything for this month, may well be Paris hols timetables.
Hopefully FR will be along shortly to offer some thoughts, just bear in mind, Parisiens do escape en masse in the summer.
Bon chance et bonnes voyages

Hi, I hope you will enjoy. The nice weather is back here.
Actually there are works on the ligne C RER. You have 2 choices: take the Metro to Javel ( around 15 mn) then the RER C from Javel to Versailles Château. ( the ligne C is interrupted from Austerlitz to Javel).
So it will take you 40 mn.
If not it’s straight from Montparnasse to Versailles Chantiers ( 25 mn). Then Bus 1, and 2 to Versailles Rive Gauche. The castle is 10 mn by walk .

The best to walk is on rue Satory, you have many restaurants on a nice and calm little street, 5 mn from Rive Gauche and 5 mn from the castle.
Restaurants: Le Limousin ( the best). But some good also in the street ( les 3 marches, or Italian one at the entry of the street, in front of the Limousin , with places under trees and a view on the castle).

Le Limousin ( spécialité : gigot d’agneau).


Just to say, as I wrote again your post, @Neilb1906 . On September the ligne C will work normally again. It takes 35 mn from Musée d’Orsay to Versailles Château.
I recommend also the « Musée des carosses « ( coach museum) , near the castle.
A walk in the Quartier St Louis ( from rue Satory), to Cathedral St Louis and « Potager du Roi ». All in the castle area.

Musée des carosses


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Again thankyou to all who have offered advice and help.
We are going to the Palace on the 12th September so I’m hoping the Ligne C will be fully operational again and we can take a direct train.

I will look at the area recommended by FR.

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