Vertere Mystique

Out of interest, has any of my esteemed fellow Roksan, Vertere users experienced he new Mystique cartridge, wondering how it compares to the Roksan Shiraz or maybe even a Dynavector?

Not yet PB but I’m due a new cartridge and it’s top of the shortlist…

Will you be damming anything else BF?

Dynavector cartridges sound so very right in our system that I may well end up with another one, even though they are overdue a design overhaul. One thing that auditioning phono stages taught us is that there is a genuine synergy between certain cartridge & well matched phono stages. Once you hear the synergy, then great care is needed when changing either the cartridge or the phono stage.

Dynavector + Sim Audio Moon really works to these cloth ears, much better than most other well regarded makes of phono stage, so we will have to tread carefully.

Best regards, BF

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