Very looooong repair duration

Hello there,
I am the (until now) happy owner of a Naim Uniti 1, bought in 2012. A few months ago, the LCD screen started to fade, this seems to be a rather frequent problem.
My French reseller told me that they have to send the device back in England to change the screen, and announced me a price of 450€…
That was at end of August.
My device is now lost somewhere in England for repair, Naim does not answer to any enquiries from my reseller, nor announce any completion date.
The factory, or the boats, or the phone, must me steam-powered…

I was just wondering if it wouldn’t have been simpler to allow my French reseller to change the screen himself? After all, French technicians should also be able to solder a dozen of pins?

Seriously considering buying a replacement device, and seriouslsy hesitating about will it be a Naim or not…



Call me old fashioned but have you tried telephoning Naim?

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Do you have a job repair number?

I can assure you I am not trolling here, but the number of complaints I’ve heard since the “B” word in getting things sorted has considerably increased. My CDS3 repair was fine but took along time due to the hurdles that were never there before.
That said if you have an RMA number then please call Naim directly. In my case they have been helpful in letting me know what is going on

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Does your Uniti have the earlier 24/96 streaming board, or the later 24/192 capable version? It has recently been found that the 24/192 board was necessary to make the screen replacement work, but it is no longer available as a spare part. So it’s possible that this will be a problem here, although of course it doesn’t excuse the lack of communication.

Until now, I have only called my local reseller, that told me having already called Naim several times.
My spoken English is a nightmare, and w/o any accurate phone number to call, I expect to have a hard time trying to join somebody.

Good idea, I will try to get one from my reseller. I think they are closed on Monday.

I think the fix involves replacing the display and the circuit board plus there is some programming involved. Sounds like back to base is the only option in this case.

Just email Naim yourself then.
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405

Hours of service are:

Mon-Thurs 9:00am-5:30pm GMT/BST
Fri 9:00am-3:00pm GMT/BST

They may speak French too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely no idea. My reseller had encountered this issue w/ the display several times, and did not say me anything about that.
I will try to get a repair number, thanks for advising me.

It’s the usual story… Did your dealer send the streamer to Focal or directly to Naim?
Focal will reply if you call them, and ask for the “service après-vente” (press number 2…).

Thank you, I will do. If they speak slowly enough, with a French accent, I can get them.


Focal. Will also try to call them. Thanks.

Naim’s support was unable to give me any indication w/o the S/N of the device… which I have not at hand, naturally.
That said, my device came back in Paris at the beginning of the week, after 3.5 months. With a brand new sooooooo bright screen. And brand new factory settings, too, but that kind of things happen.
Costed me a few hundred euros (or pounds).
The story ends well, but that has been a long time…


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