Very loud noise from system

hi…after some advice please…
system comprises of a naim nac-n 272, nap 200 and linn keilidh speakers
System is left on all the time and last night we heard this really loud noise coming from the speakers…a mixture of banging, thumping and crackling…frightened the dogs!
Initially thought it must be the amp but after some investigation this morning if I isolate the 272 the noise goes so I’m guessing this is the source of the problem…anyone had similar issues and if so what was the solution?

Sounds as if it could be a broken contact somewhere. Have you tried unplugging and plugging back in all the leads, etc (with the system switched off first, of course!)? Which is a good thing to do every so often, anyway.

Failing that, or some other bright suggestions here, a call to your dealer would be the next thing to do.

Good luck. Hope you get it fixed soon.

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Sound like caps have gone. Happened to me years ago with an Audiolab 8000PX power amp. Solution…had caps replaced. Unless of course someone started streaming some weird German techno stuff without you knowledge. :grinning:


Thanks for the reply…yes connections all checked…dropped of at dealers today so just waiting on his feedback…

I wonder whether @NeilS has some ideas here…

Weird music is of course available from a wide selection of cultural backgrounds and influences :wink:


We’ve seen a few cases of transistors in the preamp gain stage going bad, resulting in abnormal noises regardless of volume setting.
This would be my best guess here.


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Hi…just for info unit was returned from dealers today and as mentioned by NielS they have ‘replaced noisy transistors from preamplifier gain stage’….unit back up and working perfectly…mentioned that they had never experienced that problem before…thanks to Hifisound, Stockton for sorting


Good news indeed.
Enjoy your revitalised 272.


I will…thank you



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