Viewing Digital Download Booklet

Is the anyway to access the downloaded booklet through the Naim App?

I’ve tried navigating through Asset folder view but to no avail.

In Naim app, navigate to album of choice on your nas, mid screen there is a play icon and to the right of that is a book icon. Tap the book icon and book appears. Swipe to turn pages.

I think that’s reading the Rovi lookup on the album rather than the downloaded booklet per se, but I could be wrong.



Nothing for me.
Is this an iOS feature?

David, I am indeed using iOS. Never seen Naim app on Android, sorry.

Thanks. That’s probably it, then :blush:

Yep. Just tried it on 3 albums. Not one gave the booklet for the correct album. In one case it seemed unable to distinguish a piano quintet from a concerto. In another it confused an opera with a ballet by the same composer. Thought it might be better on recent albums so tried again on a recent release of Saint-Saëns orchestral pieces and that failed as well. So useless in my experience. And I’m on iOS.


I believe the Rovi info is not available on Android for some reason, so that probably explains it. This is from an online database though, it’s not downloaded.

I find it’s quite good on classical music actually. But mostly I am looking up rips not downloads. And I’m using IOS.


If you mean the pdf booklet that you might download from Qobuz or High Res Audio then no, you can’t see it through the app. You have to look at it on your computer. That said, if anyone knows otherwise, please explain how to do it!

Yes, that’s what I meant. I’ll look into an alternative method of viewing them. It’s not often I wish to view them to be fair, just on first listen usually.

As a work around, you would save the PDF in a cloud server (iCloud, drop box etc) and view it through an app on a phone or tablet.

As I have a QNAP NAS I’ve just installed Qfile and I can navigate to folder and open the pdf file. :blush:

Thanks Mike, that’s an idea. It would be really nice to get at it through the app though. If it was stored in the same folder as the tracks you’d think it possible, but then I’m a simple soul and not a whizz bang IT boffin.

Or just use Roon, which provides the ability to view the PDFs, plus also gives the Album review and Artist Bio for each recording.



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In BubbleUPnP you just tap “show metadata” for an album of the library and then “Digital booklet” and the booklet opens in the default .pdf viewer. It works very well. If the booklet is not available, you do not see the “Digital booklet” option.

For this to work, the UPnP server has to make the booklet available to the control point, of course. Minimserver does it, but I am not sure about Asset.

To the best of my knowledge the Naim app does not support displaying the booklet. Same for Linn Kazoo.

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