Recently I posted a topic regarding some discussions whether it is worth it to start a vinyl journey. In the end, I decided to purchase a Rega Planar 3 TAD Anniversary edition with NEO TT PSU and Ellys 2 cartridge. However, now I have to pick a phono preamp and decided to start a new more specific topic.

My main candidates are VINCENT AUDIO PHO-701 and Rega Fono MM. In the future I will probably upgrade to a Rega Exact cartridge or Ortofon 2M series. As far as I know Fono MM will work great with Rega cartridges and it is an ideal match. However, recently I found this VINCENT AUDIO PHO-701 preamp and I really liked its overall design and the fact that it has a dedicated power supply. I found some information that it has some modifiable settings and can be adapted to different cartridges. I also have had a tube amp in the past and I liked the tube sound signature. I also don’t listen to music very loudly and I think that the tube preamp section might give some boost on low level listening.

Has anyone some experience with this phono preamp on a Naim system? My main concerns are whether this Vincent preamp will match both with Rega/Ortofon cartridges and my Naim Supernait2.

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I can’t help with Vincent. But I know it’s made in China. Personally I would not go for it.
If you like tubes , I would recommend a second hand Ear Yoshino 834 p , for this budget.
Project makes also a budget phono.

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Consider an Ampearl LCR for that budget. If too much, the RE-1030 seems well respected as well, although I haven’t heard it myself.

I have a Vincent PHO-701. I’m very happy with it and it adds a lovely warmth to the mid ranges. It is compatible with a range of MM and MC cartridges. The only thing you need to make sure you do is change the stock tube for something better. The stock tube is slightly harsh. I added a Mullard tube and it sounds lovely that added depth to those mids and made the bass warmer. I don’t know the others being recommended on here but I’m keeping to the Vincent until I’ve saved up for a Vertere (it’s double the price of a Vincent).

Also o forgot to mention that I would budget about £200 for tubes. I used Brent Jesse Recordings for tubes, but after the hassle of ordering a rug from France, I’m reluctant to just try order anything just yet post Brexit.

I’m running a Technivs SL1500 to a Vincent PHO-701 to a Nova at the moment. Eventually the Nova’ll be used as a second system as I upgrade the analogue pathway on my system.

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If you would consider to buy a Rega I would check a Stageline before. Stagelines are great value for the price. And you would stay in the Naim world. :ok_hand:

Another option would be to change your SN2 in a SN3. Then MM stage would be included if you plan to stay in the MM world.

Cheers and enjoy your music :tumbler_glass:

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