Vinyl: A view from 31 years ago

This Australian news report from 1991 seems rather quaint now…


Yes, chopping up the albums in their sleeves not separating recyclable plastic and paper materials is what used to be done, but things are more enlightened now - at least in some countries, I don’t know where Aus currently is with rscycling?

See how successful the hype of “perfect sound forever” was that was put out by the Phillips/Sony partnership, it nearly made vinyl extinct. Though, because many realised that cd does not sound as good as vinyl there has been a vinyl resurgence, it’s survival is again threatened by the two-pronged attack of copying cd level digital music to vinyl in order to confuse buyers as to the quality of vinyl, while releasing new higher sampling rate digital music with improved jitter and aliasing control. It is the VHS/Betamax war all over again.

…in the opinion of some people…




My Vinyl sounds very good. However, my CD player also sounds very good.


Curiously, along with my LPs and my CDs, my streamer also sounds very good.

I must be going wrong somewhere.


I only have a Roon based NUC/USB DAC and a Pink Triangle turntable upgraded by #PeterSwain of #Cymbiosis. The latter sounds the best, however, after a couple of beers I’ll stick to Roon. Sadly the digital guru at the store doesn’t appreciate Roon yet.

Roon doesn’t suit everyone - but why does it matter what the person in the store thinks?

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