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Nice drinks cabinet …

I would echo Richard’s hint to look at 2nd hand.
Back in the day I went from Pioneer to Thorens to LP12 to Roksan. Last year I spent about 2k on a 2nd hand LP12. That’s the end of my journey for now … But the itch may return.


NEO would probably be worthwhile as others have suggested. If the stylus is nearing EOL then perhaps also consider upgrading to the Exact (I assume you want to remain with MM so as to not have to also change your phono stage).

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No extra power socket is involved. You just connect the TT to the Neo and the Neo plugs into the wall - similar setup to the phono stage where the TT connects to the Fono and the latter goes into the wall.


Not sure of the vintage of your P3 but any versions from the P3 24 onwards have the required connector on the motor to be fed by an external PSU. The nice benefit with the Neo is that you can also use a strobe to fine tune the speed, the older TT PSU wasn’t able to do that. It simply replaces the standard wall wart with its barrel input to the turntable motor.
Lots of cartridge choices for MM, I’ve used Ortofon 2M’s on equivalent setup and also Goldring 2500. The Rega options are a good match and usually well regarded.

What have you on mind ? Which phono ? I am very curious. Tom Evans Mastergroove, Audioresearch, Ypsilon…?

The Mitch Switch

Ah yes, i remember now. It will be a custom made additional pre, something like that, with phono and record capability.

What is your TT sitting on? This is surprisingly important.

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If the question is for me, it’s a 5cm granite slab I kept, was using it before with my SME 20.

I really don’t have anything I think needs improving. I retire in a year and my goal was to get my system in order before I started retirement. I did that, and have no desire to upgrade anything. My wife understands I will have to invest in a cartridge again at some point. Otherwise I’d rather spend my discretionary funds on records and cycling. I’m at end game nirvana.


Sounds awesome! If you follow through with your plan I will be envious of your dedication to your goals. I retired 5 years ago when I turned 60 but I have done several upgrades since then, each time after having already arrived at my “end game”. I too had nothing “needing” improvement. That didn’t seem to matter though. LOL

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I’d rather buy records and a new bike (I have one in mind as a retirement gift), and bike riding trips, and more records.

I can’t improve anything in my system at reasonable cost anyway.

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I was not suggesting you should improve anything. I was was merely admiring (and feeling a bit envious) how you have reached your goal and are now enjoying the fruits of your labors. I hope you have a long and wonderful retirement.

I understand. Thanks. I was just clarifying my reasoning. :slight_smile:

You have a marvelous system so I understand why you enjoy building on it further.

My new bike will cost about as much as a new ND555PS. :slight_smile:

That’s quite a bike. Happy peddling!!!


Don’t forget to post your definitive bike when finished, I remember it will be something special.


Will do. I’m still a year away from building it. I hope to order the frame by the end of the year. That alone has a 4 month lead time.

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The wire disappears into the bottom of the player. It’s about 40 years old now, so I’m guessing it would need some form of modification?

The plastic bump at the back in the middle is the motor housing. Rega do a 24v Motor Kit that allows you to replace the older style motor with one suitable for their external PSU’s.
It’s not a difficult job to swap them, you will need to solder a few wires in the process and swap the motors over, that will then give you the required input connector for the Rega Neo.
That motor swap will also make a noticable difference even without adding a Neo to it.

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