Vinyl and digitization

So I am curious, from those in the know.

What is the net effect of digitizing the analogue input on the Unit range on a vinyl analogue source.

I have to admit that I had absolutely now idea this was happening till recently. And also, my Star sounds a billion times better playing vinyl (or anything else for that matter) than the analogue amp I replaced with it.

Now I am totally not bothered by it and as long as it sounds great who cares, but I am curious at what level it would make a difference, what of the vinyl source would be lost considering the high res digital capability of the Star and one what kind of equipment would any change become evident.

When A-D/D-A is done well with both designed to work optimally together then it’s very hard to detect any loss. Of course, it’s also pretty easy to make it so it’s obviously detectable - it all boils down to how well it has been done. I haven’t listened to an analogue source through the Nova, but knowing Naim I’m confident that they would have paid a great deal of attention to this.


This is exactly what I was thinking.

Just seen quite a few folks being put off by this so was curious when it would actually be more than a mental barrier and actually audible.

But at the sampling rate the Unit is doing it I cannot imagine anything less than a true to form reproduction of the analogue signal.

I also assume that the Burr-Brown chipset is also handling the A-D conversation.

I play my LP`12 through my Star and am very happy with the sound so I think Naim have done a good job.
When I found out about anologue input being digitised initially I was a bit surpised and slightly concerned about sound quality, listening dispelled this. Now with the convenience of being able to stream a vinyl album to my kitchen dinning room system, I am very happy Naim did it this way.


Yup, with higher end turntables it should have been obvious is there was an issue.

It is a demonstration of how digital itself is not the inherent negative some analogue diehards seem to believe.


Yup, unfortunately the costly early days of storage and internet bandwidth and the resultant lossy formats did nothing to improve that.

I’ve herd a entry level Rega into an atom which was really very nice to listen to. For the every day listener you couldn’t complain, other than the expensive habit that you develop . See Naim seem to be rather nasty, you get a taste and realise how well your ears are connected to your brain, then “nek minute” car sold and a 252/300 on the way…

I went through that last part in the span of a few months, though thankfully had no car anyway :slight_smile:


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