Vinyl pricing

Just perusing Amazon for a couple of CDs and was shocked by the price of the Vinyl version. CD £5.16, Vinyl £24.78. Does anyone buy at this price ?

Yes !!!


Not dissimilar to a debate around 1990.

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Was it ? I had my LP12 then and don’t remember being too concerned. I’d just been idly musing that it would be nice to have a turntable again for nostalgic reasons. Oh well.

Yes, because the sound quality is five times better!

(Runs for cover) :laughing:


And streaming is roughly 20 quid a month and you never actually own the music (runs for cover as well ) :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I was addressing the fact that by 1990 people were up in arms about £15 for a CD and busy reminiscing about how cheap vinyl used to be.


Ah yes …

Fantastic days for cd buyers. Need to visit some online shops. Sometimes even cheaper new than second hand.


Yes the prices are very high and sadly premium price does not guarantee premium pressings, I’ve bought a lot of vinyl which has awful surface noise/pops/clicks from new. There’s a few I should have returned but missed the time window.

Reviews on Amazon have often put me off buying, but I’ve equally had many stunning vinyl issues in recent years.

It’s a bit baffling why the industry is so inconsistent, even within box sets from an artist eg some Kate Bush releases were in nice lined sleeves, others in horrible cardboard afterthoughts. Maybe they were trying to replicate original release packaging, but I’ve had other albums where the albums are in lined sleeves as well as including the original cardboard inner covers.

Just found a mint condition 1974 pressing of a Van Morrison LP. Sounds amazing as this was recorded as analogue. Happy to pay €34 and shipping. A good investment.

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It’s the reason I never buy lps on Amazon or EBay. I use Discogs since 15 years and very very rarely had to return one.


That’s good to know, there have been a couple of things I’ve been tempted to get there.

The fact that stuff from amazon has been poor on occasion is probably nothing to do with them however, it’s the pressing/manufacturing and packaging. There was one LP which had dire surface noise, I opened it too late and missed the return window - when I checked it looked as though someone had etched numerous small triangles on the playing surface, clearly damaged in packaging/handling - I’ve been tempted to order another copy and return it as faulty sending the original one back instead.

Amazon also seem to have stopped matching price changes - purchased a console game only to find it had dropped by £15 within days - if you try to return and select ‘cheaper price found’ you have to pay return postage however choosing arrived too late resulted in no return charge (it was late). I just ordered again at the cheaper price. Like many I’ve probably spent far too much with Amazon over the years to feel guilty about this kind of thing.

Agree, the price of new LPs can be quite expansive new, but there are price reductions out there - the Super Deluxe Edition website regularly shows the best deals on new wax. Rough Trade also have some good deals too, even on their Ltd edition Indie Store only albums - worth signing up to their newsletter.

I’m going to stop using ebay for buying records, or certainly take a break anyways, as the last four albums received were significantly exaggerated in terms of their condition, one described as “EX” unlistenable with a 5cm scratch across four tracks. Album returned for a full refund.

I’ll probably use Discogs for a while to see how it compares.

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I have spent more money on vinyl this year than… well let’s leave it there

I have purchased a couple of recent box set - The Eagles live at the Forum, David Gilmour Live in Pompei - and yes they are n’t as cheap as CD’s but for me and my chosen source they are worth it

Not going to get into the vinyl vs CD vs Digital debate but I made my choice years ago on source and I have to say I am dightled with the quality of vinyl now - as for purchasing - I try and use Indpendents - Diverse, Abbey Road, Scott Nangle, rough trade

I’ve been quite shocked at some CD prices used. I am cataloging my vinyl and CDs through the Discogs app, while a few are £3 etc, some are 50,60,70 or more.

Cd prices are a bit of a lottery. If its just something I fancy, the ebay tends to be where I go first. I have never seen cd as a collectable media. Vinyl slightly different.

Intrestingly, I was enjoying what I thought was a streamed Qobuz album earlier only to look up and see the TT going around ( i have a Gyro SE).
I had to get up to check what input I was listening to. And not the first time I’ve done this either.

I bought recently an lp from EBay. Sealed. Frazey Ford from 2010. I didn’t found it on Discogs.
The lp is wrapped and with clicks and pops. Very long time since I encountered this problem on Discogs. It quite never occurs.

I use Discogs quite a lot (buying and selling). Some of the pricing is extremely optimistic!

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I often think that vinyl manufacturers have had a quick look here, had at a look at what some of us will pay for our Linns etc., and price accordingly!