Vinyl Quality 2020

I have noticed that the outer rim on vinyl is no longer as smooth as the old pressings. it’s as though they can’t be bothered with it some are quite sharp

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Except you have to get up and turn them over more often!

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Exactly my 45 Mofi’s hardly ever get played for that very reason, no matter how good they are…

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Totally agree. Quality of non-audiophile is excellent nowadays…


I just got back into Vinyl myself, and I notice that just buying records I like based on the music is hit or miss. The first batch I bought were all used except one, none of them were particularly impressive. The next batch were all new, and the two best recordings I have so far are Beck-Sea Change, and Dire Straits-first album. What I would like is a list of the best recordings out there, and from what label they should be purchased. My plan is to only buy maybe 100-200 albums total, but I want them all to be of the best sound quality I can find. My problem is, that I am fairly new to Jazz and Classical music, so although I find these genres to be excellent sounding, I have no clue what to buy. I like all genres except country, opera and pop music.
What are your go to albums, to showcase how good vinyl is to your non-believer friends? I have 2200 albums on my Naim Core, for digital replay, but I am severely lacking when it comes to vinyl.
Any help appreciated in advance.

Here are some of my top recommendations

Anything that Abbey road have dusted fairy dust on
Japan - Gentleman & Tin Drum
Rolling Stones
Genesis Seconds Out
Elblow - Seldem seen kid live with BBC
Mike Oldfield Tubelar Bells
The Beatles Abbey Road

Primial Screem - Dont give out but dont give In
Chris Jones Roadhouse and Automobile
Damain Rice O remastered
Kate Bush - boxed 1 & 2
Pink Floyd Pulse
Radiohead Ok Computer 3 album
Elton John remaseted Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt Cowboy
Yes - Close

All on vinyl, have some superb High res also


Michael Fremer of Stereophile has a a youtube site - called, I think, analogue planet - where he lists the best vinyl available. Can be long videos but interesting if you like this sort of thing.


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