Vinyl releases on pre order

Do try and keep up Dread! It’s all the rage…

It’s the opposite of Laxative Audio (the feeling I have whenever I hear Dire Straits or such - “I really have go”…)




I too get that Laxative Audio feeling when listening to Diarrhoea Straits! Superlative Audio though is the cure it’s the Imodium of the Audiophile world listen to one side of Superlative Audio after each bout and you’re whole again.

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#Gil Scott Heron A New Black Poet - Small Talk At 125th And Lenox, Flying Dutchman Records (2023)

Gil Scott Heron’s debut on Bob Thiele’s Flying Dutchman records reissued.


Macey Gray - Stripped, 7a records (2023)

Reissue of Macey’s 2016 Jazz record the original on Chesky was mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling and sells for £50+

I’m not sure about this white vinyl reissue on 7a records though so pressing etc may require some googling a lovely recording though.


Stripped is a real goodie, agree :+1:
My copy is the Chesky. Black vinyl, monotone (brown) cover. Great album.


Good to see another person enjoying Horace Silver. I have five or six of his LPs. Not easy to find.

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Yes, I’ve the same, beautifully recorded & a great ‘stripped’ version of ‘I Try’ that showcases Macy’s vocals against a slow percussion/rhythm section.


Shame that it doesn’t seem to be available on Qobuz :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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You’ll have to splash the ackers on one of those black round things with a hole in the middle :grin:


Absolutely! :grin:

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Re-release out March 27th according to the river

Craft Recordings - out in June


I had the email for this from Craft Records but at about £100 it’s pricey two LP’s and one of out takes I hope they separate these because I’ve wanted a good copy of Way Out West for a couple of years.

Don’t get me wrong it will be a fantastic set mastered by BG and pressed at RTI and no doubt beautifully presented and £30 for an LP of that quality isn’t extortionate but for me personally it’s all about Way Out West.

Try the mid '80s Boplicity issue of Way Out West - very good indeed. When I compared the recent Craft of + Eleven with the Boplicity, I preferred the latter - it seemed fresher with a bit more life to it, as well as being a superior pressing.

Thanks Richard I think we’ve talked about the Boplicity reissues before a Chet Baker one I think and it was indeed a real bargain, I’ll look out for the Sonny Rollins copy.

Edit: There are lots of cheap copies around I’ll wait until my other half finishes this cycle of nights and the postman is welcome again.

There is an ERC version for sale on eBay bidding starts at £500 if anyone is feeling flush.

Go Go Penguin - Everything Is Going To Be Ok, Sony Music (2023)


Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre - Various Artist, BN. (2023)

Excellent compilation from Blue Note centred around the Total Refreshment Centre in N16 which has a special place to me as it’s where some of my family originated from.

I had never heard of this venue until today but will try to pay it a visit when next near by.



I recently got a lovely sounding OJC brand new from Juno

Total Refreshment Centre is a key venue and community centre particularly for new Jazz talent