Vinyl revolution documentary

Nice to watch. Who can write all the tunes played?


We have a great little independent second hand store here, but gosh I’d love to shop in a record store that big and diverse in selection.


Great little documentary - and nice to see Toronto again (I was at grad school there many years ago).

Last time I was there I visited ‘Sonic Boom’ on Spadina (below). Worth a visit, though the locals tell me ‘Rotate This’ in the best shop for vinyl in TO.


there’s no big shops with lps like that , only little shops in France. The biggest at the time when i was buying in shops were in Japan i think. I remember the pleasure i had to visit all the vinyl shops in London in the 90’s and found some rarities. In Belgium too.
Today it’s only Discogs.

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Our local HMV ground floor looked like that until recently. There were actually too many LPs rammed into each shelf section which made it difficult to just ‘flick through’ and browse. Simple if you knew what you wanted e.g. a band/artist deserving of their own section, but just browsing that letter of the alphabet was tricky if you didn’t know what you wanted.

I went there briefly a few weeks ago - all the vinyl had disappeared, relocated upstairs with few customers on that level which I don’t think bodes well for vinyl sales, though if they get more footfall on ground floor with more ‘novelty’ items/‘merchandise’ it may mean the shop as a whole is more viable.

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