Vinyl sibilance - your advice

Does this change at all with bias settings? I know you mentioned you tried the entire gamut of that, but was wondering if it made any difference.

I would disagree with this as there are plenty of cartridges that track better than the Ania.

After doing about 5 minutes of research seems the Ania has issues. One fellow swapped it out for a Ortofon Black 2m. Another chap replaced with a Hana… Both thought their respective replacements where better than the Ania. @Kryptos BTW what are you using to clean your record’s? When I was still spinning vinyl I used a VPI HW-16.5 worked a treat. As much on new vinyl as used.

Nope, but VTF actually made a little difference. At a higher tracking force the sibilance is less annoying.

Yeah I have seen many of these comments over the year I had the Ania.

As for cleaning that is not related. I think the dealer’s investigation has shown it to be related to the element.

If by Element you mean the Cartridge then yes that’s what I’d do. If it’s new then get Rega to give you credit towards a better one. No point in wasting time on another Ania

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So more news on this.

The dealer has tested an Ania Pro and compared it with a normal Ania mounted on an RP8 and his experience is that the Ania Pro on the RP6 sounds a lot better, with the sibilance issues gone, vs the Ania on the RP8.

So tomorrow he is bringing their deck with the Pro to my house and leaving it here so I can test it at leisure.

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That’s very good news Kryptos. Your dealer seems to do everything in their power to make you happy, that’s a big plus


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And the results are in.

Have been playing my most sibilant records with the Ania Pro and the difference is astounding. While I still catch a glimpse of the sibilance in the absolute worst moments in the inner grooves the Pro brings the worst moments to the most bearable moments on sibilant records with the vanilla Ania. But this I am now putting down to vinyl effects.

Sibilant sounds are suddenly well formed and tight and not all over the place.

The issue is therefore without any further doubt caused by the elliptical stylus of the normal Ania.

As for sound I already prefer it over the normal Ania and this is a brand new cartridge I am testing so it has not been run in. Crisper detail, less fuzz and a definitely improved base floor.

Next step will be negotiating a price considering the first one has a year of wear on it.


Well done great news and well done to your dealer too!

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So glad you have a resolution great thanks for keeping us in the loop…

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Hehe it’s a pleasure. Thanks for saying that.

Been quite a journey.

On the bright side doing some hifi investigations is a perfect pastime in these crazy times, isn’t it?

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You can peacefully enjoy self isolation now :+1:

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Haha yeah. Upgraded my Star’s cabling, now solved my sibilance. What bliss. Hell I may ask them to extend the lockdown now LOL.


Well this is a special night. The snippet of sound I had right at the start of the thread (may be expired now on the upload site) is from one of my most favourite albums. As luck would have it it was most struck by my sibilance issue.

26 years ago I first heard this album and it’s remained on my top five every since (always digital until recently). And this is the first time that I listen to it on vinyl without sibilance spoiling it.

So to everyone who took the time to contribute here and tried to help, I raise my glass to you.

I present the album and the little red hero that saved the day:


Have you come to an agreement with the dealer yet? If a fair one then it would seem he/she has displayed excellent customer care.

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I have. There is not too much to be had from the importer so the dealer offered to buy back the old Ania at a trade in value. Considering a year’s wear on the old cartridge and the value they offered I find it very fair. Plus he is coming back to my house to swap the elements on my deck. In my view the dealer has really gone above and beyond.

P.S. That’s still the dealers deck I’m listening on.


And the final step taken. Dealer came to install it on my deck.

So this is all done and dusted :smiley:


Oh perhaps I want to add to this. The phono stage.

As part of the investigation I was considering upgrading my phono stage as well. Currently have a Moon lp110 v2. Running this with the dealer recommended settings with the Ania Pro I have to say I am shelving that idea for now.

I am getting results that are comparing very favourably with digital streaming so going to leave well enough alone. So won’t be looking at a Rega Aria for now.

It seems that this little Moon performs pretty well if the cartridge does not muck things up for it.


Well done Kryptos it’s great when everything turns out well.
The Planar 6 is the first off the shelf, plug and play deck that I’ve had in a good few years and I have to say it’s excellent.


I agree. When things just click into place.

With the new cartridge it is really just shining. Granted I have little experience with other decks but compared to lossless digital source on my Star it is really a tough contender.

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