Vinyl source for vinyl newbie

So let’s dedicate this one to all potential, undecided future vinyl users!


And then there’s the fact that no streamer or CD player ever had the sheer beauty and majesty of something like this…



I very much agree with your comments, my suggestion would be to get a turntable that can be upgraded and would perhaps go for Michell Tecnodec, start with a basic arm, or cartridge and upgrade.

It’s a turntable with great potential for upgrades.

Also a Rega 6, there was a lovely one on another thread, where the basic 6 had been upgraded with platter, sub platter and isolation feet.


Whatever you decide, remember that you need at least a very good, actually more like an excellent TT to do your amplification justice.

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Another option is to try vinyl in a second system, not expecting it to compete in the main system.

There is a reason the Rega System One is so popular and it costs one third of a new ND5 XS2.


Go to a specialist dealer - say, Grahams in London, Cymbiosis near Leicester, or your local Audio T - and see if they have, or can put together, a used Linn LP12 for you. You can then find a nice tonearm, a well-cared for Linn Ittok, say, or one of their rather newer Ekos models. All that’s left is a cartridge. I’m very taken with the Dynavector range (which range from super-budget to super-fi in terms of cost and performance), but you really need to hear those for yourself courtesy of the dealer.

Some apparently good LP12s appear on eBay, but you would then need a friendly dealer to help you set it all up for you.

Good luck, and remember to have fun with it all!

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I would hate that TT if I couldn’t turn off the blue lights.

I agree that given your digital source Glen, you are going to need to get something decent - to me the Rega magic doesn’t really start until the P6 if you go in that direction - and even with that you may immediately want more. I do like the idea of just working with Peter Swain on a used part LP12 built around a new Karousel…that would be a nice rig on par with your digital.


For a 282/250 level, to be on par with the Nd5xs2/ Ndac ( Ndx2 bare level), I would go for a Rega P8 / Apheta 3/ Rega aria. Or technics 1200 GR, Clearaudio Ovation. Around 4 k packages.


I am with you @frenchrooster.

I think that’s why people are encouraging a vinyl newbie to go second-hand and to spend less than half that. What if he is just not convinced about it being worth the bother (and cost) of vinyl?

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I don’t know much about different brands but if I were in your shoes, I would get the best Riaa I could afford. Personally I would go for the one I have. The Goldnote PH10. Then I’d try a few different decks in the highend of things. Maybe a Technics or Goldnote and compare to the mentioned Rega or Linn offerings. Goldnote has interesting and beautiful offerings from Pianosa and up to the Mediterraneo (which I have).

if it’s about fun and just starting out, seems like a P6 would be the minimum, or if seriously challenging the rest of your system a P10 / LP12?

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I agree on the Pro-Ject. I have one and very rarely use it.

Budget is <5k euros. I saw second hand LP12 at 3k euros at a dealer yesterday…

I do not have any records yet, but their are plenty new and second hand vinyl shops in my area.


When you have already a collection, it’s understandable. If not, it will cost a lot.


What’s the spec and condition?

That’s a very decent budget @GlenJ so that’s a great start. I’d still say go with a used LP12 and upgrade it as you go along. You should easily be able to buy a decent spec. Cirkus/ittok/lingo level for that sort of budget and you can always upgrade as you go along should you wish to.

Personally, I believe you’re at a bit of a crossroads. If you don’t have any vinyl yet, it’s going to cost you quite a bit to get a collection going. It would feel pretty overkill to have a circa €3-5k turntable with only 5-10 albums. On the other hand, getting a cheap turntable won’t necessarily sell all the virtues and qualities of vinyl in your level of system.

I guess a lot depends on how much you’d like to get into vinyl. To build up a decent amount of vinyl from nothing in this day and age, is going to cost quite a bit. I’m not sure I’d start buying vinyl from scratch if I didn’t have records already. I’d probably invest the same money into improving other areas of your system.

If on the other hand you have a burning desire to go vinyl, just be prepared to invest as much on the vinyl itself (and more over time) as the cost of the turntable.

Depending on the spec of the LP12 you have seen, €3k should be plenty to get a decent one, with decent mm cartridge (or demo MC)… Then grab a used stageline, or DV75 phono stage. Then set aside the rest circa €1000 on used vinyl. That way, you’ve got a comparable quality front end, with a decent selection to listen to.

Be interesting to know what the spec is of the one you’ve seen!


Good plan! There is an entire thread (or 2) about LP12s on various forms that may help….


There’s quite a nice LP12 one out there on usual site with an Ekos, Lingo and Troika. It maybe pre Cirkus. But could be good. Dealer can always fit Used Cirkus to tidy you over and give it a service. There’s quite a few nice LP12s out there. If you buy private try to negotiate good discount as tonearm bearings could be shot. And if buying pick it up rather than get it delivered. You’ll need to remove tonearm counterweight and outer platter. And then protect inner platter with card underneath for transportation.

It can be a minefield though. It would be better if you get dealer to put one together. As @NickofWimbledon has said there have been alot of recent discussions about buying used LP12s on many other threads.

As for not having vinyl collection. Go to record fares and used record shops and check for scratches. You can pick records up for £10 to £15 each for some used. Obviously some used are £20 to £50 and more. Expect to pay £25 to £40 for new. I think the most I paid for used record was Neil Young Harvest £50.

My son is building up his collection slowly. He has about 10 of his own. But he plays all of mine as well.


We each have our own neuroses…I would not consider a TT from an auction site, nightmares of bent spindles, damaged bearings, misalignments and so on. Better to get one from a dealer who knows the history of the example and will give you support and a guarantee.
Once you do have a good TT, well set up, then prepare for music heaven.

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