Vinyl Thinning

Can one have too much vinyl? For me, there comes a point when there is just too much vinyl on my shelves, so ongoing thinning is in operation. There’s just so many albums I probably wish I hadn’t bought and have not listened to in the last 20 years, so it seems best for Oxfam to benefit from the sale of these albums. I think it also increases the value of what’s left… in the sense of quality and not quantity. Wondering if others have found the same. I also stream, so can always find the occasional album I’ve given away elsewhere…

I do some thinning out of LPs from time to time. Unfortunately the new additions so far outnumber the ones leaving…


Rather than Oxfam potentially not appreciating the value of some of these LPs, have you considered a sale via Discogs/other channels and donating funds?


Yes I would agree with you generally, but in Chelmsford we have an Oxfam with an amazing LP/CD/DVD department run by people who are aware of the value of donations and price accordingly. It reminds me of a record shop of yesteryear: everything is in genre, and in alphabetical order… Added to that one can gift aid the donation… this is probably the exception though!


Sounds very much the (welcome) exception. Many of the charity shops around me no longer want DVDs and CDs - and the vinyl they have is very poorly presented/maintained.

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I’ve been very selective buying vinyl of late, simple due to space restrictions. So as an alternative I’ve been enjoying the relatively cheap prices of CDs to fill gaps in the collection or to try out new stuff, ripping and storing them in the loft. I recently sold a few old vinyl albums where I had multiple copies.


I support a local record shop where I’ve always found good stuff. So every three months or so
(variable!) I turn up with a bag of records for them.

I admit I keep back the ones I know are worth a bit (though they were pretty happy when I gave the shop a My Bloody Valentine 12") to go to auction. Just haven’t got round to that part yet.

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When I had vinyl I didn’t dispose of any, the collection just grew (until supplemented by a growing CD collection). When the time came to end my vinyl playing I ripped them: it was an interesting exercise, playing getting on for 500 albums, listening to all as they ripped, some that I had not listened to for years. Yet other than one’s I’d already duplicated on CD I only chucked about a handful wondering what had possessed me to buy them. But then other than widening slightly my taste in music hasn’t changed in 50+ years of buying music, and never having excess money my buying has always been selective, things that I know I like and will want to play again and again.

I have a rolling collection of around 500. It’s literally 1 in one out, using the mailer for the latest arrival to send out a less loved record. I have valuable records but it’s all about the music and if I like it, it gets played.

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I find it hard to part with records so they go up into the loft first but I’ve sold a few expensive ones that I don’t play and have got very good prices money which I’ve used to buy more records.

I keep telling myself one day when I’m retired I’ll have time to listen to all of my records much more than I can now and really enjoy them because unfortunately I’m still putting in 40-50 hours a week and my listening time is limited.

It comes to my mind every now and then but probably I did not reach that maturity yet…
I still remember when I was young and I used to sell records I was no longer interested in to fund new purchases.
The point is I still do remember very well each of those records that I stupidly sold back then and still regret… So much that I bought again some of them.
Space is an issue of course, as like as aging. LPs weight a lot and I do not know if one of these days I will not be able to haul such a load anymore.
Problem Is that while I keep thinking about this topic I keep finding new music interests and expanding joyfully my collection. I can’t help It…
And when I look at my shelves I do not see a bunch of records, it’s most of the life and dreams and desires of the boy I was, the man I became and the person I am now.
Nevertheless I agree with many of you posting here, one day I’ll have to face reality and I see here some good ideas.
Keep posting and enjoy your collections :blush:

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could you please share the set up that you used for ripping vinyl? thanks

Can’t imagine ever getting rid of any of my vinyl. Yes, there are a few I don’t play. They are the ones given to me. But stuff I have bought all mean something. And I still enjoy the experience of playing and buying. Especially second hand. Tomorrow I’m hitting a few shops in Leeds.

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Hi @RoryLyon I’ve done a bit of thinning recently for the first time. Like you, I took a look at the groaning shelves and decided to get rid of around 60 albums that represented my taste in 1985, but are now very unlikely to ever be played again and just amount to wasted shelf space now. I took them to a good, local used Record shop (Union in Lewes, East Sussex) and agreed a £300 credit that I could use in the shop to effectively swap my unwanted 60 to pick up 12-15 used and new items that I wanted. It’s a result for me. More shelf space liberated and a nice stack of new vinyl that I’ll enjoy. Is there such a shop anywhere near you ?

Where we exactly is Union in Lewes? As living along the road in Brighton we do get along to Lewes occasionally and so I may visit I vaguely remember a used record shop on the right hand side going down the hill from the courthouse toward the pedestrianised shopping area.

We have a place in Brentwood selling new vinyl, but no one buying in secondhand vinyl as such… I sometimes advertise vinyl on PFM but generally donate it to Oxfam…

That’s probably the one Bob. Coming at it from the opposite direction, go Through the lights at the Northern end of the pedestrianised main road (just after Waitrose) and when the road forks a hundred metres or so later, take the right/straight on option up the hill. The shop is on the left at the top of the hill opposite the Asian deli/cafe.

Yes that sounds like it not been there since maybe 96/97 so I’m due a visit.

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