Vinyl to UnitiCore

I am looking to rip all my vinyl records to my newly acquired UnitiCore. What is the best way to do that??

Hi, you can’t go direct.
You’ll need a computer with a usb phono stage.
Record on the computer.
Convert to flac.
Sort out the metadata.
Transfer to the core downloads folder.

We used a Rega fono mini with a USB connection to a PC, plus some freeware software. Was ok for a basic operation.

Decided to keep our vinyl in the end though!

If we’d been serious about it we would likely have invested in a high quality PC sound card or digital recorder with RCA inputs to do same task. However, no idea how much of a SQ uplift that would be over the fono mini.

You’ll need some sort of device to record from analogue to digital and then a computer to edit the resulting files, add metadata, artwork etc.

I like using a dedicated recorder - mostly a Marantz PMD661 or PMD671 which have very nice sounding A-D convertors - which acts just like a sort of digital tape deck, and connects to a pre-amp like one too. I then take the resulting files from the SD or CF cards, cut the tracks to size with Audacity on the laptop and create the album as a folder and add metadata and artwork via DBpoweramp. It’s fairly involved but as you get used to doing it then it becomes a lot easier. Main thing is to ensure that you don’t over-record, as digital is unforgiving there if you exceed 0dB.

BTW, I usually record at 24bit/96kHz and never post-process the files with de-clicking or anything like that as I find the process is not so transparent, much preferring the sound left as-is.

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