Vinyl vs Digital

Put on the gloves
Take out the record
Wash both sides
Put it on
Demagnetize it
Take off the gloves
Sit for 15m
Get up and flip
Another 15m
Then put the gloves again
Struggle with inner sleeve
Then the outer one
Put it on the shelf

I always owned a turntable playing my fathers records waaay before it was cool…

Sometimes I can hear than vinyl sounds better, specially with good blue note pressings but I hear no analog bliss with modern music, rock or even classical vs good cd…
Still I keep them, maybe even upgrade my turntable when I retire… I want a Kronos:)
For now cd555 is just fine


Just gave myself an uppercut! I thought NOS was New Old Stock. Might be a parallel there though…
I do tend to nod off when things get technical though.

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No just a tightass :grin:

Welcome to the google club.

My vocabulary is burgeoning.

I think its called the learning curve.

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The electronic music in the main tries to mimic real world sounds,

I don’t necessarily agree with that: sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes a mixture of both!

It doesn’t ultimately matter whether anyone agrees or not on this, to me

No. I don’t think so… in modern commercial genres there is so much instrumentation that bears no resemblance at all to any traditional acoustic instrument…

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I don’t mean the instrument, I mean the sound.

I’m sure that there will be cases that a ‘modern/electronic instrument’ does not produce an interpration of a ‘non modern/electronic’ one or a unique sound that does not exist elsewhere.

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i like personally some electronic sound of instruments, specially fender rhodes or electric bass and guitar.
However not electronic drums.

Me too

I have absolutely no idea what you mean.

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Ok.take a look at my original post

Nope, sorry you have completely stumped me with that.

Oh Dear

rhodes and guitars are more electroacoustic, the basic sound is not electronically generated. ok, I know even pure electronic instruments can be said to be electroacoustic since you need a loudspeaker to hear them.

emulating acoustics instruments with simple additive or subractive synthesis usually just sound bad - sometimes so bad it takes off and create its own niche (like a solina string machine or the dx7 glockenspiel).

emulating acoustic instruments is today done mostly with sampling. you record the acoustic instrment every third note (typically) from soft to hard … when you hear a big orchestra in low budget films/series today it almost always done with one of the complete sampled orchestras available on the market today.

In todays digital synths and software synths (just an app you install) the most common emulation is of the analog synths and drum machines of the 70s and 80s. not real acoustic instruments.

there is an area called acoustic modelling where you model the behaviour of wood, strings etc. in software but they are less common and more fun to be creative with (create models of stuff you cant build - really giant drums and so on).

The hard part is making these instruments expressive for those who actually can play. But you can always turn off this and make every note sound the same … there many in the business who cant play and this makes it easier for them.

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are you the IB brother ? :star_struck::rofl:

Last night I played 2 CDs. The first the sublime Joshua Rifkin Joplin Rags. An old analogue recording just sweet. Then Long Road Out Of Eden by the Eagles. Despite my loving of the title track the CD is awful, real rip the enamel of your teeth stuff. Must ask @Polarbear if I can borrow his vinyl copy.



There’s some awful tracks inbetween the first one and the second disc but I’ve not noticed any loss of enamel from the sound, mind you last time I played it I think I was still on the Core/Rega DAC so that probably knocked the sharp edges off. I’ll have to give it a go through the ND.

I don’t think I own or have heard a single LP that doesn’t sound better on vinyl than on either CD or digital file but of course saying that I own less than a thousand records and only a couple of hundred CD’s and files so my field of reference isn’t that big.
At the moment I own what was once considered a very good all in one player the Uniti 1 with the upgraded board so I have two reasonably good digital sources and when I had my last record player a pre Cirkus LP12 I had the chance the compare vinyl, CD, CD rips, Tidal streams and Hi Res files of several of my favourite records and without exception the vinyl sounded better well to my cloth ears.