Violectric V281 updated model

This is a followup to a currently closed thread on the Violectric V281 headphone amplifier which many Naim users are currently running with their headphones

Earlier this year Violectric started the redesign process of their lineup and released the V590 which is a combination DAC/Headphone Amplifier. The V550 is now being released and is the headphone only version which is replacing the recently terminated, and exceptionally long running, V281. I am located in the States and have just placed a preorder. For further information - since links are not allowed - Google is your friend. Arthur Power, who handles the line, is a complete and total gentleman.

I am obviously not related or affiliated with anyone having to do with this company. I am simply letting fellow Naimee’s know as there were and are quite a number of V281 fans who have been anxiously waiting for its replacement.



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