Virgin media upgrades

With daughter now out to work…but in the run up to Xmas working from home, the dining room is now also her office. She brought home her PC, two screens etc and set it up. However ran into problems which after a few phone calls with her company IT guy…we now have an ethernet lead running along the floor as our wifi was not good enough.
Got onto virgin and despite not being in the Gigabit rollout we are being sent the new Superhub 4 which is supposedly much better than our old Superhub 2 at wifi. We are also having problems with our old Samsung tivo box, we are being sent out a new more compact tivo box…even got a price reduction. Don’t ask them…they will happily sit back.

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Look into wifi Mesh from Google, BT, TP Link. It’s the best way to get good wifi throughout the house. I have the hub 4 with Google Nest and it works very well.

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I will be interested how you get on with the Superhub 4. My Superhub 2ac has lights that are so dim now, it could have been made in Salisbury! I constantly wonder whether it’s about to die.



It’s fine. I had a 3 and they just sent the 4 out of the blue. No difference really. I can’t comment on the 2.

Yes…our hub 2 has no lights on the front anymore…sort of works most of the time…and then when you really need it…it plays up, hence the call to Virgin. Will let you know how we get on with it, when it turns up.

I do an 18 monthly call to the retention team at Virgin to get a significant price reduction and sometimes new kit. Virgin won’t offer the latest modem routers…you have to ask.
I have been with them since the early Blueyonder days so always get a sympathetic ear. I’ve had no problems with their broadband service…solid as a rock.

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I have a Hub3 working in modem mode only, this feeds my own router and also the switch that supports the WiFi connected items.
Why - I have heard if the Hub gets a software refresh the update process will wipe the existing settings. As I have quite a few items directly connected to the router I do not want a third party breaking my network. It also means that if another supplier that is reliable is available I could swap the modems very quickly without having to redefine my network.

I’ve been using a Superhub 3 for a few years now without any problems. Streams wireless to a QB MK1 and Now TV stick without a problem.

Use default settings, apart from disabled the dynamic channel selection on 2.4. I’ve manually set to channel 8.

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