Virgin streaming woes

Hi, hope someone with better IT skills than me can help. I have just been provided by Virgin Media with an upgraded router, a hub 5. My previous Hub 4 worked without issue. I have a Muso II hard wired direct to the router, a 272 using wireless and an Audio pro speaker, also wireless. Since changing the router, on both Muso and 272, internet radio plays for about 4.30 minutes, then stops. It makes no difference wired or not. The Audio pro does much the same thing but does then try to reconnect, the Naim units don’t. If I stop and then restart the stream it repeats the same behaviour. Using tidal or music from my Synology server it works fine. The Virgin connection is 1g fibre, I’m tearing my hair out. Grateful for any advice.

Try to switch off your 272 and Muso. Switch off your new router then on and wait until it’s fully restarted. Then restart the 272 and Muso.

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Thanks, its mysteriously started working without doing anything so fingers crossed and watch this space!

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I am very interested in any update you have as I was about to swap my old Superhub 2ac and 250 Mb broadband for VM’s Superhub 5 and Gig1 broadband offering, but it’s on hold suddenly!

Hi David, early days yet, but it has now worked flawlessly since I posted yesterday. I changed the password and ssid and may have just been a bit impatient with rebooting causing my issue, fingers crossed.

Interesting. I remember @Stevesky posting a while back that he was beta testing a Superhub 5 for VM (or had one as a special customer anyway) and it was really rather good. So I was surprised to see your report. Hopefully all will be ok and I can crack on with my swap before my 2ac gives up completely!

Sad to say, this morning Radio paradise stopped and has been intermittently stopping since. This happens to all music stations on both 272 and Muso. Strangely, radio 4 plays fine. Tidal and server music play flawlessly. As mentioned before I am on a fibre connection, checked this morning 1GB download, 100 MB upload, so no slouch. The Muso is hard wired. I’m pulling what is left of my hair out, its really frustrating.

Must be so frustrating. I would suggest you try the restart options suggested earlier, but this time just do one component at a time, then fully test.

  1. Power of 272, wait 2 mins, power back on
  2. TEST until it breaks again
  3. If it breaks again, power cycle your router
  4. TEST until it breaks again
  5. If it breaks again, possibly replace network cable
  6. TEST until it breaks again

Hopefully that will give some pointers to the culprit.

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Thanks for the advice GadgetMan. So, I have tried the above and no difference, strange. Even stranger, I have discovered that the BBC channels radio 4, 4extra and radio 6 all play fine, HOW! the plot thickens.

Hm. When you say “no difference”, do you mean at every stage the problem still existed?

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We had intermittent problems last year with Virgin with no broadband and drop outs. The customer service was appalling, from idiots on the phone to engineers only interested in plugging in a new box. We had been with them for 20 years…….when we cancelled, they still did not care. Something has changed there. A little bit of investigation found the problem……which was another unit plugged into the router. Yes they can argue not their problem, but their engineers should have identified it…….and i would still be with them. All rather sad.

We have been with VM donkeys years. For the most part all has been well.

One minor cok up on their part recently snowballed into something bigger and there was no-one, no-one at all, to call and discuss this with. Only options diverting you to FAQ on website or internet ‘chat’ which I initially gave up on after waiting an hour. Even when I did find a number via a back door it was an overseas call centre and they hadn’t a clue, literally repeating the same lines off the screen in front of them over and over again. They hadn’t a clue, really no idea.

Went on line again via the chat (which shuts overnight) and it took three days, fully 72 hours, of back and forth chat via the chat option online to get them to sort out.

Astoundingly dreadful.

Even when you find the number for the complaints line, it takes you to the same menu options as the ‘normal’ line, and still with no-one to speak to! Absolutely appalling.

That was the sad thing, we were loyal, when we needed them……nobody cared. In not finding or sorting out the problem, the engineer said, if they email you on how i did……if its 10/10, i get £10.
Not sure where it all went wrong.
Which have referred them to Ofgem as they increase prices with inflation and reserve the right to further increase again if they want to……but the customer cannot cancel without exit fees.

Sorry not clear, yes.

When these stations fail on your Muso, do they also fail if you play the same station directly via your computer through their web site? e.g.

Ensure you set the quality to the max i.e. Flac


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Gazza, Virgin engineers do not check your other equipment, they would need an astounding amount of knowledge to understand every possible permutation of whats gone wrong.

This being said they should have asked you to unplug the devices from your router before carrying out tests that would have made sense.

equally that would have made sense from a home users perspective as well :slight_smile:

I gave up with them when one guy turned up put another new box in and declared it should all be connected by wifi……and he duly did that. The problem persisted, so another call…….where the operator insisted i now needed a range extender even though the other box was only a foot away. So i could not have an engineer until the range extender was shipped.
It was quicker to get BT to install there system than wait for Virgin, told them so-when i left.

Virgin Engineers in the main are only really box swappers and installers and their call centre staff screen readers who go through the motions as it’s the cheapest option. It’s a shame as a little investment in that side of the business would keep far more customers than they lose - but like most businesses these days the only things that matters are new customers and to maximise profits. A perfect example is a couple of years ago the power supply to my router failed. It took me 10 mins to get the so called “engineer” on the 'phone to understand he couldn’t ping my router because it was dead! It then took another week to get a new one which the engineer just plugged in. They could have posted it faster.
The only decent engineers they have are the systems engineers but as a personal customer you will never get near them.

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When we left they immediately sent a large envelope to send all the boxes back, fair enough. We then were emailed telling us “we want you back”……we will not charge you for the next 6 months. Well seeing as we have no way now of accessing……great offer. We were much happier when it was just NTL.