Virgin V6 box?

Our TiVo box has been faultless over the time we’ve owned it but it seems to be getting slower. IPlayer etc can take an age to load so we’re thinking of moving to the V6 box. Is the V6 box appreciably better than the old TiVo box ?

Yes…we have both… i like the V6, but my wife likes her Tivo. The V6 is newer, faster, but used less as i mainly listen to music, so perhaps less stored etc.

Yes, the V6 is a lot better. A lot smaller too.

Cheers both - I will give VM a call and see what they can do.


That worked out ok. Bill down to £37 a month and a new V6 box on its way. Just wondering if I can do something useful with the old TiVo box as Virgin don’t want it back…

Edit- ah I can sync them together and use the TiVo elsewhere in the house. Sorted :grinning:

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May I ask what you are getting for £35? We pay £42.50 for 100mb broadband, the very basic TV and the phone line. The pricing seems something of a lottery and allegedly our package should cost £49.50 before our discount.

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This reminds me I need to get on to VM and renegotiate my bill which seems to gently creep up in cost on a regular basis…

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We’ve got that same package Nigel. It had crept up to £55 and they’d initially only come down to £42 including a new box. As new customers would get this for £33 we came to a compromise with a ‘new customer’ discount (after the threat of moving to Sky). It seems a bit of a lottery as to how low they will go.

Edit - My mistake: £37 not £35 now I’ve put my glasses on !

Yes it does creep up. Can’t fault the service though, so I’m glad they’ve dropped the price as I don’t really fancy the move to Sky.

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Thats always been our problem…really do not want a Sky dish or BT…I can feel a call coming on.

Give it a go. The lady on the call today was easy to deal with. Usually they end up trying to up sell me a load of crap i just don’t want - we didn’t go through that time wasting exercise today !

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I pay 25 euros for very fast fiber/ tv/ unlimited phone calls per month.
Prices in UK seem to be high.

But I pay another 50 euros to have recent movies, serials and a lot of other movies and documentaries. ( canal plus/ canal sat).

Thanks James. The service is good, though I’d really not have to do through the ridiculous rigmarole if negotiation every year or 18 months. In my view there should be a simple price for everyone without this daft half price rubbish just to lure people in. I thought Ofcom were looking at it but nothing seems to have changed.


I found up until about 3 years ago it was very difficult to simply leave virgin. Things seem more relaxed now. I phone up, cancel my subscription, they phone back in a couple of day offering me a deal costing less than I was previously paying.

This year - £49.00 for maxit TV (includes BT sport), M200 fibre and basic phone.

Last year same package £50.00.

The year before that £54.00.

They think that when my discounts come to an end in December I’ll be paying £83.00. But I don’t think I will. :innocent:

What number did you dial?

Last time I tried they didn’t want to know, it was an overseas call centre this time. Previously i’ve spoken to very Scottish people and had no problem.

They are a pain and probably rely on a fair percentage of people not phoning but when you do they always offer a discount once your previous one finishes. I get 200 meg broadband, tv and phone for 46 quid

0345 454 1111 (Or 150 from a Virgin landline) should work Jamie. Scottish call centre.

The V6 box arrived this morning. Swap over was quick and painless and i didn’t even need to change the settings on my Harmony remote. One slight PITA is that the old box can’t just be plugged into the network and the old shows still watched from it as i had assumed as it’s been deactivated. Even after a few attempts, i still don’t have my series link settings copied out of the cloud and onto the new box.

Minor irritations aside, the new box is great. So much quicker than the TiVo, apps start straight away and everything is much more responsive. The picture quality is impressive too - SD content is crisp and detailed, a big improvement, looking more like HD did on the old box. Must be the effect of the EE switch it’s connected to…

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Just got two V6’s myself along with cheaper bill for 18m, not quite as low as a new joiner :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but good enough. Joy of joys though, the new boxes actually work!:grinning: And work well too.

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They are easy peasy to set up…enjoy👍