Visit to Salisbury

Nice pictures, but you need google translate.


Very interesting article…

I looked up the Chora 806 on their website and they advertise the softer treble …maybe the sound signature has been altered.

The Focal website mentions the Chora as Designed in France…i thoughts all Focal products were Made in France.

The listening room pics are quite nice I thought.

Unfortunately, when a company indicates “Designed in” … it often means that they’ve subcontracted the physical construction, assembly and QC to a foreign country where labor and raw materials are more affordable. WORSE YET, this often means China.
While this fact does not guarantee faulty or sub-standard products, I have personally chosen to prefer Western-made products where the design, assembly and employment of personnel occurs in the country of design. Call me xenophobic, short-sighted or whatever. It’s also the equivalent of shopping at your local brick and mortar store instead of ordering on Amazon.


Some really nice pictures taken during the tour of the Naim factory.

It’s especially heartwarming to see an Armageddoned and Aro equipped LP12 in the demo room here. It looks to be carrying an Ortofon 2M Blue, so I guess ideal for testing the phono stages in the new XS3 and Supernait3.


Nice to see an Olive box amongst all that newfangled Black. :sunglasses: :smile:

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I don’t see it. Where?

3rd box down from LP12.


Ah yes. See it.

I assume that’s the Armageddon. But slightly dodgy position just under the preamp.

It looks like indeed

Looks like its there only for demo use with the two MM phono stage equipped integrated amps off to the right.

Could anybody post a google translate of the review visit ?
@Innocent_Bystander perhaps ?

If you open it in Google Chrome (copy the link and paste), and clear the cookie message that appears at the bottom, you should have an option to see it in your own language. At least, I can see it that way in English. (On my iPad the choice of Dutch or English appears at the bottom, originally covered by the cookie message)

If that doesn’t work let me know.

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Yes it works like IB says, I’ve translated it to English, French & Afrikaans, it’s a simple one click & exceptionally fast.

I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why single out China? Muso, iPhone many Canon cameras etc are made there, as well as many components used in electronic products made elsewhere. Once upon a time China was not very good at quality, but these days they can make very good stuff - although it is all down to the quality standards imposed by the brand, and you can certainly get very poor quality products from there.

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I understand your sentiment but it’s impossible to avoid made in China products, isn’t it?

No it’s not. The only part of my system that’s made in China is my Auralic G1, but it’s a Chinese Co. FWIW, my car is German, Mrs. Opus’s car is Japanese. All of our furniture, and furnishings are either US made, European or country of origin. I actively try not to buy Chinese.


If you go to you can set the languages at the top (detect language mostly works fine for the source section). If you then past the url in there, you get a url to the ‘translated page’. There’s no need to paste the actual text.

I think Hi-Fi is one area where it is very easy to avoid, “Made in China”. Trying to buy local is something to strive for now and personally, I’m prepared to pay a bit more of a premium to do so.

This whole coronavirus thing has made it quite obvious we need to be responsible for producing more of what we need ourselves rather than expecting someone else halfway around the world to produce it.