Visiting Ireland

I’ll visit to Ireland in next august. Just asking if you could share some ideas where to go and what to see that’s not the most obvious tourist traps. A car rental is certain. I’m just looking for ideas where to drive. Starting point is Dublin and time spend around 5 days.

Try some of the locations listed here -

In Dublin, Dublin Castle is worth a tour and the Chester Beatty Library on the same grounds is worth it as well. Casino in Marino is a mile or 2 from the centre and is quite unique and different.
I cannot fathom the interest in the Guinness Tour but apparently it’s done very well and most seem to enjoy it.

August will be busy, normally I’d say Kerry and south Cork, but in August you’d be better in Sligo and Mayo, still relatively undiscovered with some stunning scenery amid a rugged landscape.

If you let us know what interests you on holiday we can give more tailored advice.


Thank you for the suggestions! I&Mrs enjoy nature and coast so something related to those would be nice. Also we would like to visit some traditional Irish B&B. Oh, and medieval castle I would like visit too. And any special pubs to recommend in Dublin because we enjoy beer and cider.

I loved the Burren. It is a lovely area for natural landscapes, flowers etc. The coast is spectacular too. Just SW of Cork.


Sounds like the west coast and Connemara would suit you well, fabulous scenery and a great rugged coastline but as SJB mentioned above, August will be busy but with some planning you can avoid the tourist traps

… err … SW of Cork ???
The Burren is the northwest corner of Co Clare, SW of Galway city.
It runs around the southern shore of Galway Bay around to the Cliffs of Moher & inland

If you do go there please spent a day & an evening (at least one evening) in Galway city. Then along the northern shore of the bay to & around Connemara & Clifden, then return via the inland road back to Galway.

Thank you all! Vacation planning can now properly start.

I have never been, but know a couple who have, look up Guinness secret bar, The Open Gate is paid entry, but you then get tastes of test brews, they research new products.

Sorry., I meant Galway!

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Lived in Dublin 2006-2008. Things I liked doing:-

Staying at the Dylan Hotel
Playing golf at the Island Club in Donabate
Climbing Croagh Patrick (not in bare feet though)
Visiting Tower Records and Freebird Records
Dinner at Fire on Dawson St
Walking Glendalough
Gig at Whelans

I think you probably still do all these things.

We’re going to spend first part on the road and last couple of days in Dublin area so I appreciate all the info you’ve given. Ireland seems to be as pricey as here in Finland,haha!

If you like visiting the occasional fine dining restaurant, then I can recommend L’Ecrivain in Dublin. It’s quite expensive, as restaurants with Michelin stars always are, but the food is very good and the ambience is very pleasant too.



closing down in July sadly

That is a real shame…


Indeed, in another thread I mentioned bringing Alastair and his good lady wife for a meal while he was on a working holiday installing my 552 and it was to L’Ecrivan we went. The service was like a choreographed ballet and the food was exceptional.

I think Sally-Anne and Derry deserve a rest from the high octane world of a Michelin star restaurant and wish them well.


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