Vitus integrated amp v 552/500

…silly comment but to be expected these days, I suppose. Given it’s de-rigeur for Naim users to leave their gear powered up at all times should you not be throwing stones from your glasshouse? Disappointing that even such a long thread of great posts isn’t immune to someone throwing an offensive remark.


One other thing that may be worth bearing in mind @Dunc and please don’t take this as some snide snipe, which it isn’t, but are you sure your 552/500 are OK? I remember you commenting on having found little difference between the NDS and ND555, which surprised me (I would never have swapped my CD555 for an NDS despite really wanting to get rid of all my CD jewel cases, but did so readily for the ND555). If this was in your home system rather than a dealers, this could be a valid question… Otherwise it’s maybe a red herring.

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Dunc If I may ask, how are the 552 and 500 plugged into the mains

do they have they own wall sockets, or going through some kind of mains extension

I leave my SIA 030 on 24/7 , on Mute in A/B mode at zero volume…unit does not run hot at all. Very much doubt that it is burning more coal than a 552/500 left on 24/7


That made me chuckle out loud.

silly? offensive? I suppose that’s all perspective. Certainly I have given strong consideration to my use of Naim 24/7.


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I worked it out last year and from a fading memory, I believe the dual PS 555/ 500/ 552 uses about 170watts/ hour altogether. ATB Peter

A typical level of power consumption based on my Naim boxes is about 16W per mains cable or per power supply, excluding the NAPSC. Some are a bit more, e.g. 21 Watts, some a bit less.

So as a first, rough estimate, assume 32Watts or maybe as much as 40 for a 552/500DR left ticking over.

Looking forward to being corrected with better numbers from Naim itself …

Best regards, BF

p.s. Update from the Naim amplifier owner’s manual: quiescent power consumption of a NAP500 is 60VA. Quiescent power consumption of a NAP300 is 27VA. A Supernait (1) consumes only 10VA in quiescent mode (gold star there then).

Hence a 552/500 may consume nearer 70-80VA in quiescent mode.

I imagine my 555PS and 300PS would be the same or thereabouts, so not too bad. We use Bulb, which is 100% renewable. This could be a good compromise for those with high energy consuming hifi and a concern for the environment, which quite honestly we all should have.


We just saved a fortune changing from an old 3 year deal with First energy, now called Shell energy…
they offered us a horrendous new deal on carbon energy. Shopped around made a big saving with EON on 100% renewable, pays to shop around.
Back on topic.

Been out on an emergency job and just looking back over the replies.
I would love a sia 030, but right now thats not an option as already spoken about it with the dealer, as they have an x demo one for sale, for a nice saving on list. His advice for me was i would get a much better improvement than the 030 over the 025, by changing speakers as he feels they are not allowing the full potential off the 025, let alone a 030.
About to move my naim about, but its still being powered the same way it was before and being supplied the same feed in the same way, the only difference is i have moved it out the rack.
But right now i am playing some 24 bit tracks and the vitus is sounding so good, its warmed up much more now as left it in A class and its so wide sounding and very 3d now, much more than it was from cold, its a completely different animal now, this makes me think what ever i do to the 500, its never going to match this, as my system has never sounded like this ever, it makes me think more about what different speakers could do, if these are in fact holding it back.


Silly because my post tells you very little about what I think about or what I do in respect of energy and resource consumption/saving. You warped a purely factual statement to suggest it was my philosophy. Offensive because you suggested, having decided that it represented my entire thinking on the subject, that I should be ‘removed’. This is more worthy of a certain crowd on Facebook.

Removing Class A amplification from use would not make much of a contribution to the reduction of global electricity consumption. That is a true fact. It is a long way from saying my philosophy regarding electricity consumption is that measures of frugality and responsibility don’t count, so don’t bother.

I turn my gear off after use and turn it back on when I want to use it. I don’t leave lights on in rooms I’m not occupying. I recycle bath water about the garden and flush the loo only when necessary; because having lived in a country where water can be rationed to bottles and electricity can be limited to 4hrs per day I’ve learned to be economical with precious resources.


I feel the real fair comparison would be to use both 552/500 into DCS, vs Vitus integrated into DCS.
Using the volume control of the DCS into the 500 is not the same.
We would know how really compare the Vitus ( pre and amp in one box) vs 552/500.
And 552/500 in the rack, Vitus on the floor on Stillpoints.
Both powered, just connecting the Rossini into Vitus then 552.

I’ve always found Linn and Naim amps to sound fundamentally different. I use a Linn dealer to service my LP12 and their demo kit is usually up to date Linn mid to top end. It’s very accurate and does the PRaT thing - but sounds fundamentally different to my Olive 52/SC/135 kit - my preference has always been for the Naim sound.

The Vitus dealer (who I am guessing is supplying Dunc) will tell you that the traditional Naim sound is “tailored” through the amor design to push the mid frequencies to achieve the sense e of PRaT and excitement. Works for me with the Olive range on rock/blues/jazz.

To get the box count down I’ve toyed with the idea of demoing the integrated Vitus but never actually got around to it - I’d be interested to see what the gains and losses were.

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Amp not amor - bloody autocorrect

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interesting - but with portable DACs from Chord - I’ve tested the Hugo and Mojo in many many systems, and I just can’t hear that a Naim amp is adding or changing the signal from the Hugo in the songs I play - and yes I do use the same vertere interconnects to make these comparisons fair

These songs sound about the same, the amount of rhythm is the same in Non Naim amps and in the Naim amps when used with a Chord DAC.

How does Naim tailor this sound in the new Muso range? There is no Naim preamp or DAC, just a direct to digital amplifier.

Seems Naim engineers believe in a simple tuneful amplifier with a great power supply - that is the key maybe?

as for the dealer trying to sell his stock with his sales pitch is - that’s his opinion… it’s just business… lol…

for me 10 grand is a LOT of money for an integrated - which to date I have no information is it a regulated amp or not?

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What speakers does he suggest Dunc, the Fact 12 are a great speaker and almost £15 k last i looked?


If I’m interpreting it correctly, your dealer is suggesting that the PMC Fact 12 is not good enough for the Vitus SIA 025?

Thanks, Richard, noted. Fresh air time.

And so it goes on!! Bring in a 20k integrated Class A amp, swap out the 40k Naim 500 amps and now need to upgrade the 15k speakers that you only bought a short while ago to do justice to the 500s. You are cascading down that slippery upgrade slope faster than Franz Klammer with the forum cowbells ringing all around you!!