Vocals favouring right speaker

The balance on my 282 has been checked and appears to be working correctly. However, at low volume levels the lead vocal appears to favour the right hand speaker. Is this normal? I appreciate not all music is produced the same.
Are there any other checks I can do to see if the 282 is working correctly? My listening position is centre of my Kudos 606’s.

What are the vocals like when you play a mono source at the same low volume?

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Is it only the vocals or not actually everything? General low-volume imbalance of the volume pot is common

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Yes. Me too.
Doesnt bother me per se. And certainly not always present.

I just toed in the lhs a little more.
Assumed it was a peculiarity of my room and speaker placement.

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I can relate to this… I have an 82/250 and find that the ‘sharpness’ of the stereo image can vary, quite a lot, between recordings. In some ways, Vinyl can better in this respect, with its reduced channel separation resulting in a ‘better’ stereo image. Yet, I also find that some modern recordings on CD image remarkably well - but others do not…

Its also a Naim problem that, for various reasons, the setting on the Volume pot is generally quite low - and not in the best region for channel to channel matching.

If you can, stop worrying about it… :crazy_face:

PS. How far apart are your speakers…? Kudos recommend no more than 2 metres, with the listening position about 3 metres back.

Much of my music content is from the 60’s and 70’s. All the 60’s are remastered 44/16 and 96/24 FLAC files.
Much of the 60’s stuff was originally in mono, and quite crudely made into stereo. The lead vocal would often dominate the left or right channel.

At present I am being a tad critical as I am burning in my ex demo XPS DR. Although ex demo, the dealer was unsure of how many hours it had burnt in.

My source is an NDX 2. All the recording I have are stereo. 44/16 and 96/24 FLAC files. (stored on a Roon Nucleus)

I haven’t had the NDX 2 very long, is there a setting to push out in mono?

Just vocals.

Or, whack the volume up! :+1:


I see. Can’t see it being anything other than speaker/room interaction in this case.

Edit: vocals generally or a difference between female and male? What about other instruments using the same frequency range?

No, but in Roon you can use Focus to show only mono recordings (in your library). You can also try with the mono button of the 282

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The 606’s are two metres apart.
To be absolutely honest, we are too close. At present the listening position is 1.5 metres. However, this is only temporary, as we are having a massive extension which will increase the width of the room by nearly 2.5 metres.

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Ok, just set the 282 to mono. Vocals now in the centre. Back to stereo, vocals favour the right channel.

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But only at low volume?

Vocals generally or a difference between female and male? What about other instruments using the same frequency range?

Just vocals at low volume. Other instruments are fine. As for female and male… :thinking: :smile:

Just wondering if it’s predominantly certain frequencies, which would probably point at speaker/room interaction. But if other instruments are fine, I have no explanation

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And this one rules out the common low-volume imbalance of the volume pot


In my case it was because my right ear picks up higher frequencies better than my left ear.


That’s a fair comment. At nearly 70 my hearing is probably not as good as good as it was.

Good point

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