Vodafone sucks

Anyone here know how or have any suggestions how to complain to Vodafone about their cable installers?

My neighbour had cable run up to their door today, which has involved Vodafone workmen cutting up their drive. The resulting dirt and muck has made half my garden look like The Somme, the front of my house is covered in filth and my car look’s like it’s had a sack of dirt emptied all over it. And it’s not even my install!

It was bad enough when Vodafone installed their cable in the street, making the front of my garden filthy in the process, but this is ridiculous.

I visited the website and then online chat to ask if their was a complaints department, waited some minutes for a response, none came.

I then rang the generic contact number to ask if there is a complaints department, chap who answered kindly put me through to an automated voice which would only let me past if I had an account number, which of course I don’t!

Grrr. I do not like Vodafone!!!

Sounds rather like EON and my Smart Meter woes :roll_eyes:

You’ll probably find they subcontract the work out, still their responsibility ultimately though I would have thought

Round here earlier in the summer Cityfibre via their subcontractors were installing ftth tied in with Vodafone, and generating similar complaints. The word then was that sub standard work was quickly corrected, and that the cost of having cars cleaned was refunded In numerous cases.

Keep trying, and go direct to the subcontractors if you know who they are. It’s not really Vodafone’s doing, although they should handle complaints like this.

Luckily for me, when I applied to Vodafone for a new home internet service, they were so incompetent that they couldn’t even communicate with BT to get the line sorted and just told me they couldn’t supply anything even though there was a line. Phoned EE and got effectively the same service albeit for a few pounds more, without any problem.

I could write a whole book about my problems with Vodafone España in Valencia…

That said, I have significant problems with probably 90% of companies I deal with. So much for private enterprise.

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Someone on their forum directed me to an online complaint form which has been duly completed and pinged to them.

The sheer ‘don’t give a f**kness’ of the workmen has left me rather stupified.

Same here, Cityfibre in combination with Vodafone installed cable in the street last year and left front part of my garden in a right state and would routinely park their safety barriers on it when not in use! They returned a couple of weeks ago because apparently the job last year was so bad, they had to do it again and proceded to repeat the same as before! Vodafone aren’t up to it it seems, whether it’s their contractors or not.

Vodafone are dreadful and your experience sounds awful. Forget their useless complaints department and email their chief executive. nick.jeffery@vodafone.com


I’ve been hearing that Cityfibre would be available to us ‘soon’ since last year. Whether it’s good or bad their delay is irrelevant now, it turns out that BT ftth was put in place 2 months ago so I’m now connected and we’re waiting for it to enabled. It’s unbelievable how much effort it takes for BT Broadband to speak to BT Openreach to complete that final step. 4 weeks and waiting so far.

I’ll perhaps give that a go, dependent on their response!

Plenty of photos of the carnage will help your case, so grab some now, if you haven’t already cleared up after them.

If you have a Twitter account, post a few pictures and tag Vodafone. It can be amazing how quickly they can respond if you give them the right incentive.


Don’t have a tweeter, though I might poke them on Facebook!

As long as plenty of the general public can see it, they’ll be suitably incentivised. Include a comment that you’ve tried and failed to register a complaint with them and they’ll have little choice but to grovel.


Unfortunately the regulator, OFCOM, forced the companies to separate a couple of years ago which involved removal of structural (for all commercial & practical purposes) communication. This was done in order to give equal network access to all communication providers and the inefficiencies such a move creates.
While Openreach operates within BT Group of companies “BT Openreach, “ pedantically & legally, doesn’t exist.
Having worked for BT for 30 years and Openreach for over 10, I shall be pleased to be leaving in 5 weeks time.

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@Jamiewednesday, I had endless trouble with Vodafone on a billing issue. It took and unbelieveable 9 months to resolve and lots of letters and e-mails to their customer service office in the UK, as well as help from our local Vodafone shop. The main issue was that as soon as the complaint hit their UK office it was immediately shifted to their overseas offices - at that time in Egypt, South Africa, India. All very nice folks in these locations, but unfortunately they have to work strictly to a script and need to get complaints resolved asap - regardless as to whether the actual problem is solved!
Once the invoicing issue was resolved I left them (didnt leave before because of horrible credit rating stories relating to unpaid bills). Not touched Vodafone since, nor will I ever unless they become the sole UK telecommunication supplier, in which case I will have no choice.
I wish you the best of luck with your Vodafone / contractor issue, just dont expect a rapid resolution!

Back in 2011 I applied for a loan to change my car and was rejected. Thought this odd as I had a “999” credit rating, or so I thought. On investigation it turned out that Vodafone had posted a load of missed payments all over my credit rating. True that I was a Vodafone customer, had been for 16 years, but I’d always paid by direct debit so couldn’t see I’d missed payments over several months and not noticed. Of course, I hadn’t.

All attempts to resolve this through the published methods were fruitless. Vodafone seems to operate as a set of separate functions that, if they communicate with each other at all, appear to do so by carrier pigeon. Could not contact the credit department to even discuss this. No other internal department can even phone them.

Sent an email to the CEO. Next morning his PA called me and promised to resolve the issue within 48 hours, which they did.

At the end of my contract I moved to Three, primarily because Vodafone only seemed interested in selling me an Applephone, very poor selection of Android on offer.

About 2017 I had a letter from a debt collection agency threatening me with the bailiffs (obviously didn’t understand NI law) over some missed payments to…. Yes you guessed it, Vodafone. Phoned them and explained that I hadn’t been a customer for six years but they could do nothing unless instructed by Vodafone. Called Vodafone and eventually got through to someone who said they could help. Much complicated by not being a Vodafone customer and therefore not having a contract number! After several calls, over several days, they figured that I had a data sim that I believed to be free but was £3 a month, but permanently discounted by £3. I’d overlooked this when I cancelled all my other contracts. Vodafone had decided to remove the discount without informing me of the changes to my contract. Apparently I was only the fourth person that this had ever happened to. Anyway, they agreed that they could waive the charges and cancel the contract and call off the debt collectors (big of them after changing the charges without informing me).

Without a doubt the most “administratively dysfunctional” company I’ve ever had dealings with, and I used to work for Atos!



They do.

I’ve been with voda since ‘98 and never really had any issues with them, although some years ago, they had this policy whereby if you went over your allocated call allowance, thereby invoking further costs, they would freeze your account and on the odd occasion this happened to me, I would call up their customer services and politely explain that I pay by direct debit so all charges would be covered. An annoyance but overall I’ve been quite happy with them.
I’ve heard many a tale of woe about trying to leave them which up to now I’ve not tried to do. In fact, they’ve told me that as I’ve been a customer for so long they can do me a ‘deal’ on broadband and I am tempted. My current provider ‘does me proud’ but their pricing has increased quite a bit so I’ll be weighing up the pros and cons and making a decision later this week.

Any company with millions of customers is bound to have the odd issue but I don’t have any confidence that if my Vodafone contract became problematic that it would be easy to resolve…