Voice of Sound engineer from Liability of Lorde

When I listen Liability from Lorde. The voice of male sound engineer is much clear. He says “one” (two after that?, I don’t remember). However, with my main system, the sound is barely hearable. My main system is Sonos + DAC +power amp + bookshelf speaker.

I am just curious about these…

  • List item Is there something wrong with my speaker? Is there sure way to test blown up speaker?
  • List item Can some adjustment improve the performance in that voice range?
  • List item Does your system play the voice sound clearly?

Even my iPhone 6s playing an mp3 streamed from qobuz plays it clearly.

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Sounds like he says
“” OK and two “” on my system and mines the base level naim

“Go for it, one, two…”

My speaker looks like have problem (definitely.)

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