Voices I should like, but don’t

Frank Sinatra…Something ‘reedy’ that sets my back teeth on edge.

Much prefer Sammy.




Morrissey, let’s set aside the small issue with personality, his voice just irritates me no end. And REM, Michael Stipe. Should love it, but his voice just makes me die a bit every time I hear it.

Apologies to The Smiths and REM fans it annoys me as I should love both of them, but I can’t…


Rod Stewart. I can’t get past the fake southern American accent.

Cher: Monotone. Ghastly.

Kylie Minogue: Chipmunks

Madonna : More chipmunks

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Tom Waits, hate his voice.


Madge, screeches.


Warning: Might not be able to get it out of your head for several hours.


This one is so clever editing wise I love it, and yes it’s Kylie, we’re on videos now not songs but get to 1:08 and after, just sublime:


Wow, it’s the video held my attention to the end. Thank goodness it stops at 4:16. Could go on forever… There is a live version, too! hmmm…

There is a new version too but this one is better imho.


Joe Jackson
Bob Geldof
Elvis Costello

Like some of their songs, can’t stand their voices…

edit: i think it’s the “i don’t really have to know how to sing because i’m a poet/troubadour” vibe those guys have in their voices

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Neil Young.

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His Bobness has to be up there as an…idiosyncratic voice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Laughing Lennie also perhaps stretches the definition of singing?

I’ve previously mentioned my issues with London Grammar…

Did anyone mention Lemmy?

The list is potentially endless :joy::joy:

She looks adorable in that, what a foxy lady, but I think I still prefer the ‘girl next door’ innocence of the original.

Robert Smith (The Cure) and Ian McCulloch (Echo and the Bunnymen).

Neil Young.

Not sure about Diana Krall or Melody Gardot either.

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Paul McCartney with anything sung in the last ten years… I suspect his vocal chords are shot…


I don’t think he wanted anyone to like his voice.
He just wanted to give everyone a bloody good hiding

The lead singer dude from The Tragically Hip. Horrible voice. Used to drive me nuts!
Used to …

Everyone else seemed to love the guy’s singing. I think I’m a tad more critical because I’m a bit of a singer myself.

Terry Wogan. Everyone loved his dulcet tones.


Sam Smith defo No.1

Morrissey coming in at No.2 (although I of like a couple of Smiths tracks)

A voice I should NOT like, and do not is Celine Dion. She hurts my ears.
This video is a horrible assault on the senses.


:pleading_face: I like Diana Krall but not all her albums and even less her concerts. Melody, sorry I agree with @Alley_Cat.