Volume control on Atom - Tidal Connect - iOS

Hi there! I face an issue with volume control using Tidal Connect to control Atom playback. When app is open: I can control the volume with side buttons but the level goes with +/-5 “steps” instead of 1 by 1. Using Atom’s remote when I click say “+2 steps”, it shows up on the Atom’s screen but goes back to previous settings. If I click “+4”, it advances by “+5”. Volume control does not work at all once the phone is locked. Naim app, Spotify, Roon - all of them work fine (somehow with minor differences). Tidal is simply annoying. I know this might not be a Naim issue but first I reached out to Tidal and they said “restart everything”. So I did and nothing has changed. I’ll post this also to Apple. Asking in here if anyone is/was experiencing similar issue, maybe there’s a quick fix? Everything on WiFi, iPhone 13 Mini. Latest firmware: Atom 3.8.3 (5447), iOS 16.2 (20C65), Tidal 2.55.2 (no pending updates). Thanks!

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